Leila and the Magic Ball

Play the Leila and the Magic Ball game for a thrilling adventure. Help Leila use her magic ball to jump high, solve puzzles and find her way home!

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About Leila and the Magic Ball Game

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Leila and the Magic Ball is a super fun game where you go on an adventure with a brave little girl named Leila! She has a magical ball that can help her jump high and move things. Are you ready to help her solve puzzles and climb platforms to find her way back home?

In this game, you're Leila's helper! Your job is to guide her, help her throw her magic ball, and jump from one platform to another, collecting all the bottles along the way. You will also use the ball to activate switches and help her get back home safely.

How to Play

First, let's learn how to control Leila and use her magic ball. Here's all you need to know:

 - Left/Right arrow keys or A/D: Move left and right.

 - W/Spacebar/Up arrow key: Jump.

 - S/Down arrow key: Look below.

 - X/N: Hold it to call the Magic Ball to Leila. Then hold it again to throw the ball. The longer you hold, the more powerful the throw.

 - R: Reset the level when the ball gets stuck.

Leila's magical journey has 20 exciting levels. In each level, you and Leila need to collect all the bottles and make sure Leila has her magic ball with her to open the door to the next level.

Every now and then, you will come across switches that need to be activated. These can be activated by Leila's weight, or sometimes, you might need to use a crate.

In every level, there is a sneaky hidden star! If you find it, Leila gets extra time. This will help you finish a level faster and achieve more stars at the end! Do you think you can get three stars in each level?

What else you should know

Bouncing on the magic ball is a cool trick! When Leila jumps on the ball, she bounces super high! This can help her reach places that are really high up.

But be careful! Sometimes, if you don't pay attention, Leila can fall while jumping from one platform to another. If this happens, she'll have to start the level over again. It's important to time your jumps and think before your next action.

If you ever get stuck or the magic ball is in a place where you can't get it, you can press the R key to restart the level and try again!

Yay! Now you know how to help Leila in her amazing adventure with the magic ball. Remember to think, jump carefully, and use the magic ball wisely. Have a super fun time playing Leila and the Magic Ball!