Ardy's Party 2015

Try the Ardy's Party 2015 game if you love music and the adrenaline rush! Can you help Ardy collect all the musical notes and artist tokens in each level?

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About Ardy's Party 2015 Game

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Ardy's Party 2015 Game is the perfect place to start your musical journey! Do you love music and the adrenaline rush? If so, ARDY is waiting for you at the party!

Hop on this adventure and help ARDY collect music notes and artist tokens while listening to jams that will make you move to the beat! Can you collect all of them and clear the levels?

How to Play

To control Ardy, you only need to use the UP arrow key. Sounds pretty easy, right? Press on it to jump each stair or collect tokens and musical notes. You can also try the tutorial level(marked by a question mark) if you need more instructions.

There are three levels you need to pass to finish your musical adventure! Try your best and get better because the levels get harder and harder.

The musical notes will pump up your score, so try to collect as many as you can! If you lose some, your strike will be lost. You may also see a pink floating circle on your way. Run over it to get to the next floor.

If you love One Direction, Ariana Grande, Becky G, Nick Jonas, or Taylor Swift, here is your chance to get their Artist Tokens. Be careful to get all four tokens to unlock the final Artist Token.

What else you should know

Your energy is quite important in this musical journey! Obstacles and hitting the stairs can get you out of the game by decreasing your energy. Get as many Ardy gold figurines as you can to keep your energy levels high and continue playing!

You can see all the tokens you got in the Artist Token Collection from the main menu. This is how you get to know your favorite artists even more by reading their descriptions. Go and take a look!

Even if you want to get a high score and collect all the tokens, don't forget to have fun at the party!

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