Soaring Through Space

Prepare to explore the galaxy in the Ready for Preschool: Soaring Through Space game! Join Vampirina, travel across the planets, and collect all the stars!

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About Soaring Through Space Game

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Did you always want to find out more about our galaxy? If so, then give the Ready for Preschool: Soaring Through Space game a try, and join Vampirina on her adventure! The cute girl wants to explore every planet, and you get to join in! Aren't you excited to begin this challenge?

This is quite an unusual mission because you will go soaring through Mercury, Venus, and the rest of the galaxy! Your task is to collect as many stars as you can and help Vampirina learn all about space. Of course, there will also be obstacles on the way, so you have to keep the little astronaut safe. Will you be able to flap your wings towards the final destination?

How to Play

It's time to check out the solar system! You don't need any fancy gear, because you can guide your friend with your mouse. Just tap on the screen to fly higher, then let go to come down. It's that easy to soar through the skies!

There are eight planets for you to explore, so it's time to buckle up for the adventure! Each place has a different climate and unique obstacles. Because of this, you should always be on guard. You wouldn't want Vampirina to get hurt, right?

While Mercury has a lot of tornadoes, Venus brings forward its' dangerous volcanos! Luckily, you can flap your wings to go over or under obstacles. Just pay attention to the screen, and make sure to react quickly to stay out of trouble! If you get injured, you might have to redo the mission.

What else you should know

The stars are scattered all over, and you should do your best to pick up as many as possible. Without them, Vampirina won't be able to learn all about our galaxy! However, you shouldn't put yourself in danger over these items. Simply grab as many as you can, and check out your score at the end of each stage!

You should be very careful because you only get three lives! If you lose all the chances, you will have to restart your mission from the beginning. Luckily, you can earn more by picking up the purple hearts. Even so, they don't come by easy, so you will have to keep an eye open for extra lives. 

Well, what do you say? It's time to join Vampirina and explore our galaxy together! Soar through outer space, and become the ultimate astronaut!