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Explore the cosmos and become a space pilot in the Miles from Tomorrowland: Interstellar Missions game! Complete the tasks and keep your friends safe now!

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Are you brave enough to head off to outer space? If so, give the Miles from Tomorrowland: Interstellar Missions game a try, and get ready for a challenging adventure! The boy and his ostrich companion are preparing to work on a new task: clearing all the space junk from the atmosphere. Are you ready to join the two and venture out into the universe together?

For today's expedition, Loretta is ready to give you all the coordinates! Your job is to lead Miles and M.E.R.C. towards the objects and make sure they don't lose control of their spacesuits. Of course, you also have to watch out for incoming debris because you don't want to get hurt! Can you help clear all the junk?

How to Play

It's time to become a real astronaut! To guide the characters through space, all you need to use is your mouse. Just drag your cursor across the screen, and Miles will soon follow! The controls are very straightforward, aren't they?

The space adventurer is always ready for action, and today is no exception. Join him on his quest, and complete both missions to save the day! Listen to Loretta's instructions, do your best to collect all the floating junk, then help her with the delivery mission! Just make sure to stay safe as you wander through the cosmos.

For your first mission, you have to pick up all the trash drifting through space. Clear all the junk and watch out for incoming debris! Each time you get hit, you will lose some energy, so it's best to avoid the asteroids at all costs. If you need some bonus points, pick up the boxes, because they might contain some hidden treasure!

Your task for the delivery mission is to help Miles pick up the balloons and reach the landing pad. However, you need to perform a gentle landing, so you have to watch your speed! If you hit the ground too hard, you will bounce off and have to redo the docking.

Remember to keep an eye on your energy level and pick up some boosts as needed, or you might not make it to the end!

What else you should know

Once you complete your two tasks, you will unlock your own spaceship to pilot. Pick a type from the three options, then use all the spare parts you gathered on your missions to customize it. You can change the ship's shape, paint it, or even place decal stickers on it. Just use the buttons on the left to choose, or tap the up and down arrows to look through the available options.

Did you notice that some of the accessories cannot be used? Some options will be locked, but that is because you haven't discovered them yet! If you want to customize your ship even further, head off into space and look for even more objects. Who knows what treasure you'll find among the junk?

Well, it's time to begin the challenge! Join Miles, the space adventurer, and help him complete his tasks safely. Your friend needs your help, so what are you waiting for?