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Try the Nat Geo Kids: Matching game to learn about the world surrounding you! Can you match all cubs, sort every city, and more to discover new facts?

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About Nat Geo Kids: Matching Game

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Do you love nature and want to learn new things about it? If so, Nat Geo Kids: Matching game is the perfect place for you! Go through various challenges to see new facts about wildlife or places worldwide. However, you will have to put your attention and problem-solving skills to work if you want to discover everything!

Pick the topic you want to master and start learning! Do you think you will recognize every animal presented in the challenges? Or pyramids and monuments are more on tour alley? It's time to get started and expand your knowledge!

How to Play

Here you only need to focus on learning, so the controls are pretty simple! To complete every task, you only need to use your mouse! Pretty straightforward, right? However, your mind will be your main tool, so try to use it at maximum capacity!

You have three topics to choose from: Wildlife, Famous places, and in the third one, you'll meet loads of animals, even the ones you might have in your home! Also, for each one, you will have three challenges to complete:

 - Matching Pairs: Search for the cards with the same animals or place.

 - Spot the Difference: Look carefully at the image and find all the differences.

 - What Goes Together: Match the cards that might resemble each other! For example, animals of the same species or countries and their places.

Each challenge has three levels of difficulty! Don't go all out and try to learn everything step by step!

What else you should know

After you finish a challenge, a fact about one of the animals, city, or place you meet will pop up! Take your time and make sure you learn everything to impress your family and friends with your knowledge! There are loads of new things to discover, so push through until you manage to reveal all of them!

Are you ready to expand your knowledge through some fun challenges? Learn as much as possible about the animals that roam the earth and the beautiful places around it!