Doc McStuffins Dress Up

Your favorite doctor needs your guidance in the Doc McStuffins Dress Up Game. Show us your skills and select the best outfit for her to go to work!

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How do you think doctors usually dress up? It might seem like they do not really need anything else besides that lovely white coat, does it not? But actually, it is not that easy. They need some styling, too. So come and join Doc McStuffins in her daily routine only in the Doc McStuffins Dress Up Game. Style her outfit and see how the doctors really dress up. 

Underneath the White Coat

Now, you would not believe that the doctors do not have anything underneath the coat, would you? Keep in mind that they always have to look presentable and reliable to the patients. So they really need a nice, elegant look. You have now the chance to be the designer of a well-known doctor. So get ready and start styling.

First of all, a great look needs great hair. So pick any of the hairstyles that stand at your disposal. Do you like how the Doc looks with long brown hair? But what about a short, purple haircut? Would she look nice with a ponytail? Or just a casual braiding? Just click on the hairstyle and choose a number between one and five, to pick a beautiful color. Everything you want is there for you.

Now move on to the clothing. Do you want your Doc to go to work a little bit casual? Or do you want her to be extremely elegant? Just drag and drop the clothes that you want her to wear. From a full body outfit to separately selecting clothes, you can really do anything. A red blouse and a blue pair of jeans? That sounds amazing. But what about A pink T-shirt and a yellow skirt? Everything is entirely up to you. Once you have selected the clothes, just choose a matching pair of snickers, and you are ready to move on to the next step.

Medical equipment

What would a doctor be without its equipment, I wonder? Like any other doctor, Doc McStuffins really needs her coat! But she gets to be more special if you want. Because now, you can choose a colorful jacket for her, not just the traditional white one. From pink to yellow, green or purple. All of the options are just waiting for you. Just do not forget to choose the matching stethoscope to go with the coat that you have selected previously. And of course, the bag. Every doctor has a bag full of utensils and different types of medicine, right? Match the colors with the other clothes, and you are good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Do you consider yourself qualified for this particular job? If so, just begin your journey and be Doc McStuffins'personal stylist. She is counting on you!