Doc McStuffins Washing Dolls

Doc McStuffins needs your help in the Doc McStuffins Washing Dolls Game. Separate the colored dolls from the white ones and make them clean once again!

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Our dearest Doc McStuffins’ job is not solely to cure the toys. She has also to wash and take care of them. Do you want to be the Doc’s right hand and help her through everything? Well, the Doc McStuffins Washing Dolls Game is the perfect one for you. Join her and show her that you are closely following in her footsteps. 

How to sort the toys

You know very well from your parents the fact that you are not allowed to wash the colorful clothes alongside the white ones. The same principle does apply to the dolls as well. Doc McStuffins is very careful about this, but she really needs your help right now. She can not do all of this by herself. So get started and separate the colorful dolls from the white ones. The dirty toys will be randomly placed on the shelves of the cabinet. You will have two different baskets for both types of dolls. All you need to do is to drag and drop the toys to the correspondent basket. 

Fresh and Clean

Once the separation is ready, move on to the actual washing of the dolls. And remember that the white toys need a different type of detergent than the colored ones. Follow the specific instructions that are shown to you at the beginning of every step. Grab the right soap, fill the washing machine and start the washing programme. When the white dolls are clean, you will have to move on to the colored toys. Once again, grab the detergent, fill the drawer, open the door and empty the basket. Press the button and start the programme. 

Are all of the dolls fresh and clean? Do they look lovely again? Great! Now take them one by one out of the baskets and place them on the shelves. Do not forget the fact that each doll has a specific place on the tray, so make sure you do not misplace them. 

You have been of great help for our beloved Doc McStuffins. Look at all of the dolls. So clean and lovely. You should be proud of your excellent work!