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Play Doc McStuffins Heal Friends game and help Dottie's friends, who got injured. Learn how to handle the medical tools and do your best to save them!

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Someone said that doctors can not get ill or injured. But that, my friend, is a terrible lie. Everyone can have a raised temperature or even catch a severe cold, even Doc McStuffins's best friends – Lambie, Chilly, Stuffy, and Hallie! They had a trip outside of the town. They played a game of basketball and got severely injured. Can you imagine how Doc's clinic will be able to work without the help of her assistants?! Neither do I! So it is essential for you and Dottie to heal Doc's best friends quickly. Let's do it together.

In Heal Friends game, you play as Dottie herself. You have plenty of medical supplies, that will help you mend your injured friends. You should start fixing your friends by choosing Hallie. Note that you can not begin to healing another Doc's friend, except Hallie – they are all locked yet.

Learn how to use the medical tools properly

In order to unlock Lambie and others, you should first treat Hallie. Prove that you are a good friend and an exceptional doctor. Choose the tools you need and observe your patient's reactions. While playing the game, you take the decisions on whether what tool to use first. Feel free to navigate between your utensils and use them wisely. If you do not know what a specific tool is used for, a suggestion will pop up on your game screen. Follow it and take care of all Dottie's friends!

As you can see in this game, a good friend will always help you in times of trouble. Doc McStuffins knows how to treat her friends. We can only hope that they won't get into any difficulties!