Doc McStuffins at the Hospital

Doc McStuffins is not feeling very well in the Doc McStuffins at the Hospital Game. Be the best doctor and do everything in your power to fix her issue!

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Our dearest Doc McStuffins is always there to help you dolls, just like any other doctor would take care of people. But oh, no! She is sick right now, in the Doc McStuffins At The Hospital Game. And how could she help the lovely dolls with her terrible stomach ache? She really needs your help! Let’s be by her side and make sure that she will get well soon!

Doctors get sick, too

It is so awful when a doctor gets sick. And this is the case for Doc McStuffins as well. She has got a horrible stomach ache which caused her to get so worried about it. As a result, she went to the hospital alone. But she is too afraid to go through the whole process of healing by herself. And this is why you get to be her doctor and help her along the way.

Make sure you take good care of her and search thoroughly to find the issue that has been bothering her. Also, do not forget to make her feel loved. It is so hard to be sick, but it is harder to do it alone. So be the best doctor there is and find the perfect treatment for Doc McStuffins. Are you ready? 

How to be a doctor

The world of medicine is incredibly fascinating. There can actually be a million reasons that stand behind Doc’s simple stomach ache. And that is precisely why you need to be thorough and make all the tests possible. 

Take Doc’s temperature, listen to her heart and lungs with a stethoscope, measure her blood pressure, take some blood samples and analyze them. You are the doctor now, you can do all of the above and so much more. Just click on the equipment and place it where the circles indicate the spot. 
Now that you have searched for everything, you can move on to the surgery. 

First of all, do not forget about the anesthesia. You could not start the operation without it. Once our patient is asleep, you can begin. Clean her organs, wash them and clear the entire field. Now cut out all of the broken parts and perform some sutures, so that everything will heal properly. Capture all of the bugs in her stomach, and then you will be ready to close up. 

Congratulations, you have made Doc McStuffins feel so much better. You are truly skilled and a perfect doctor. Keep up the good work and continue helping others just the way you helped Doc McStuffins.