The Lion Guard: Assemble

Kion needs your help in The Lion Guard: Assemble Game. Help him find his friends while collecting all of the coins and avoiding the evil hyenas right now!

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About The Lion Guard: Assemble Game

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The king of the jungle needs his guard to be stronger than ever. But how can it be so, if they are spread all over the forest? Help Kion assemble it really quickly in The Lion Guard: Assemble Game. And remember to do this before it gets dark outside!

A new and thrilling mission awaits the fantastic guard of the king. But our lion’s brave friends are not together right now. So before the mission begins, Kion has to fulfill another duty: to gather the team and bring them all together in one place. How will he do this? Only with your help and guidance. So what do you think? Are you ready for this adventure?

The game consists of two levels. In the first quest, you will need to help Kion find Bunga and Ono. Once he has found the two, you can proceed to the next one. Here Beshte and Fuli are the missing ones. Everything sounds simple, does it not? You would be surprised to see how many dangers and challenges await our little lion around the corner. Let’s go through them, shall we?

How to find all Kion’s friends

First of all, Kion must collect as many coins as possible, on his way towards his friends. So make sure you help him get them all. If you see coins on the rocks and trees above Kion, just tap on the screen to help the little lion jump. Collect the emblems of the Lion Guard to increase your power and run faster while dragging the coins towards you just like a magnet. 

Now let’s have a look into the dangers. You see, on his way towards the missing friends Kion might encounter some evil hyenas. You need to help him jump over them because they will slow him down. Some other things that might slow our lion down are the rocks and holes placed in the middle of the road. Just be careful and avoid them.

So what do you think? Would you be able to help Kion gather all of the members of the lion guard in time of their mission to begin? Show us what a good lion you are!