Nat Geo Kids: Bubble Burst

Try the Nat Geo Kids: Bubble Burst game to learn about wilderness while smashing loads of bubbles! Will you call the polar bear and the rest to your aid?

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About Nat Geo Kids: Bubble Burst Game

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Get ready to learn about wildlife while having loads of fun in the Nat Geo Kids: Bubble Burst game! Here you can discover facts about animals and nature that you might not know before! However, you will first need to destroy many spheres with the help of some fluffy friends!

Your role is to meet the goal of every level by popping the bubbles! Also, you will need to consider your every move to get maximum results! Are you ready to learn about loads of animals and destroy every globe? Let's start the action and see if some facts sound familiar!

How to Play

After you observe the board and plan out your moves, it's time to get to popping. The controls are pretty easy! You only need to use your mouse to click on the pairs and destroy them. Also, the groups can start from two globes and go up! You should try to look for the ones with the most spheres to maximize the value and save moves!

For every level, you will have some goals to complete! For example, sometimes you need to smash an amount of red, blue, and yellow bubbles, and other times only some of the green and purple! You should meet these requests without using all of your moves! If this happens, the stage will be over, and you will have to give it another try!

There are some tools to help you hit your goal easier! For example, you can form special moves by smashing many bubbles at once! Depending on the formation, you will get a sphere that will destroy everything in different directions.

What else you should know

Luckily, you will meet some friends to help you in your adventure! You can pick a character to play with, and each has a special power! For example, the polar bear will hit many bubbles in a row, or the apple will grant you more moves. Also, you can evolve their powers using the gems won from games!

Are you ready to learn new things about the wilderness? Then, let's get you to meet all the companions and get things started! Everyone can't wait to learn with you!