The Bunnytown Art Studio

Practice your alphabet in The Bunnytown Art Studio game by coloring many pictures. Match the letters and add some bunnies to have the perfect group image!

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Color beautiful pictures while practicing the alphabet in The Bunnytown Art Studio game! The fluffy creatures of Bunnytown put together some images for you to bring to life. Also, don't worry if you think you will not have inspiration or if you recently started learning the alphabet. The bunnies will help you at every step to guarantee your success!

The bunnies will provide a few black-and-white pictures and buckets of color for you to use. Your job is to paint every part of the drawing until you have no white spots left. Also, you will get to add some of your favorite characters and frame your creation! Are you ready to express your artistic side? If so, let's get into the studio and start creating!

How to Play

Coloring should be a relaxing activity, so the bunnies made the controls as easy as possible. Therefore, you only need your mouse to pick up the color buckets and drag them to the drawing. The same goes while picking who will go in the picture or using other helpful tools!

The first step of your creation is painting the image. Each bucket will have a letter written on the surface. Your job is to match the cans with the parts of the picture having the same letter. However, if your alphabet knowledge is not on point, it might be harder to recognize all the letters! But with a bit of practice, nothing will stand in your way!

Now that you have a complete picture, it's time to choose what bunny friends you want in. There are many choices, and there is no limit to how many friends you can pick, so everyone can join you if you please! However, if you think some are unfit for the picture, you can get them out using the eraser. Also, you will be awarded some carrots at the end of your creation!

Are you ready to join the bunnies of Bunnytown in the art studio? Let's see if you can practice your alphabet while coloring all the pictures!