Super Bunny's Carrot Rescue

Help Bunnytown's hero find the stolen carrots in Super Bunny's Carrot Rescue game! Search for the treats and catch Little Bad Bunny in time for the picnic.

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The citizens of Bunnytown prepared a picnic with loads of delicious carrots in Super Bunny's Carrot Rescue game! However, Little Bad Bunny saw the treats and stole them so only he may enjoy them. Luckily, the town's hero, Super Bunny, is on the case and is searching for the missing carrots and their thief!

Every superhero needs a trusty sidekick, and you might be the perfect fit to help Super Bunny in his mission! You should look around where Little Bad Bunny might have hidden the carrots. However, you will need a sharp eye to find all of them. Will you handle all this detective work?

How to Play

It's time to begin your search, but first, you should learn the controls! Luckily, you only need your mouse for this challenge. Look around the scenes carefully until you see a carrot, then use the Left Click to pick them up. Also, try to be quick! Based on your performance, you might win some carrots for yourself.

There are many places where Little Bad Bunny might have taken the carrots to. However, you will only have to search one at a time. Your goal is to find ten carrots per scene. Also, if you can't find some, you can hit the Hint button for some help, and one treat will glow up. Don't worry! You can use this helper as many times as you'd like!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the Little Bad Bunny! Thieves should not roam freely, so try to click on him as soon as he comes out of hiding. If you do this, Super Bunny will come to your aid and chase Bad Bunny so you can continue your search! However, don't let your guard down because he might return!

Are you ready to find all the stolen carrots and bring Little Bad Bunny to justice? If so, let's meet Super Bunny and grab all the treats in time for the town's picnic!