Bathtub Bunny's Bubble Bath

Try the Bathtub Bunny's Bubble Bath game to help the fluffy pet take a relaxing bath. Cover him in soapy bubbles so he can have fun while staying clean!

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Who doesn't enjoy a hot and relaxing bath after a long day of playing? Sounds great, right? Even the citizens of Bunnytown need to clean their fur once in a while in the Bathtub Bunny's Bubble Bath game. However, Bathtub Bunny needs to have some fun while in the tub, and his favorite activity is covering himself in many soap bubbles!

Your job is to entertain Bathtub Bunny by covering him with all the soap bubbles he blows. Don't worry, though! There are many types and colored bubbles for you to discover. Also, you might want to take Bathtub Bunny's example and have a bubble bath yourself!

How to Play

Bathtub Bunny will take care of blowing the soap bubbles, and your job is to cover him with all of them so he can have his bath. To do this, you will only need your mouse! Use the Left Click to select a bubble wand shape or color and drag it around to redirect the floating bubbles on the fluffy bunny!

There are two types of bubbles Bathtub Bunny can create. The first type is colorful, where the cute pet can blow red, blue, green, or yellow soap bubbles. The second one is where Bathtub Bunny can blow many fun shapes. For example, he can create squares, triangles, circles, and even stars!

Once he started blowing the bubbles, you should pick the wand shape or color matching them. Then you only need to send them back to him! However, it will take time and many soapy bubbles to cover Bathtub Bunny, so be patient. The shower will start when he is fully covered, and his bath will be over! Also, you will win some delicious carrots for your efforts!

Are you ready to join Bathtub bunny and help him get covered in many soapy bubbles? Let's get started and see how fast you can move your bubble wand!