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Join the Imagination Movers crew in the My Idea Box game to share your deepest thoughts. Create your crate and discover people with the same interests!

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The Imagination Movers crew invites you to share your deepest thoughts in the My Idea Box game! Join Dave, Smitty, Rich, and Scott in their warehouse and add your ideas to their Brain Storm. Are you ready to share your mind with the band? If so, let's begin and show off your imagination!

Your job is to create your idea box to add to the Brain Storm. However, there is no place here for shallow thoughts, so you should only share your favorite things. Will basketball be one of your favorite sports, or do you love art more? It's time to get started and let everyone know you!

How to Play

Sharing a piece of your mind is simple, and putting together an idea box is even easier. You only need to use your Left Click to navigate all the features and even the Brain Storm. However, you should also pay attention to creating your box. So, try to let your imagination loose, and see if you can design the most original one to stand out in the storm.

The first step is to design your idea box. To do this, you will have to choose a color and shape then it's time to fill it with your favorite things! There are five categories:

 - Sports: You can choose a fun activity starting from basketball, tennis, football, and many more!

 - Hobbies: Show your interest by choosing from playing music, reading, painting, and others!

 - Pets and Animals: Pick your favorite pet or wild beast!

 - Nature: Show off your favorite natural wonder.

 - Oddball: Reveal your goofy side by picking some unusual items or characters from the show!

You can choose one idea from each topic or go past a category if you think it does not represent you!

The last thing you should do is to visit the Brain Storm! There you can check out your idea box. Also, you can go through crates from around the world and see if there are people with the same interests as you. However, these boxes move fast, so pick them quickly if you don't want to lose track!

Are you ready to create your idea box and put it in the Brain Storm? If so, let's meet up with the Imagination Movers crew to start creating and sharing ideas!