Movers Music Party

Join the Imagination Movers warehouse in the Movers Music Party game to plan your event. Get everyone on the dancefloor and record the best party video!

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The Imagination Movers prepared a collection of songs in the Movers Music Party game. They also gathered loads of people for you to have fun with! However, there are too many choices, and the guys want you to prepare the party however your desire. Don't forget to film it all and show it to your friends!

Many things go into having the best party video ever! First, you will have to choose a bopping song, then go through the guest and see which one has the best dance moves. At the same time, you should not forget about special effects! Even though it might sound like a lot of work, everyone is excited to see your party. So, let's not keep them waiting!

How to Play

Parties should be fun, so controls are the last thing you should have on your mind! Therefore, you only need your mouse to navigate through all the choices you have at your disposal. So, you should only worry about if everyone is having a good time and keeping the party going!

There are three stations you will have to access. Music Party is the first one, and here is where all the fun is! First, you can pick a song from the music list. All are hits of the Imagination Movers, for example, 7 Days a Week, Farm, Mover Music, Shakable You, and their Theme Song.

Now that you have your music, it's time to bring people to the dance floor! Rich, Dave, Smitty, Scott, Nina, and the rest of their friends are here to party, and you can press on their faces to make them dance one by one or all together! You can also try out all the special effects like fog, lasers, and many more!

There is more you should know! 

If you have a fun party, it would be a shame not to share it with the world! To do this, call an adult, and ask them to hit the For Grown-Ups station and record your party. Afterward, the only thing left is to send it to the Imagination Movers warehouse so everyone can see how you party!

Lastly, you can watch other people's parties in the Gallery. Here you can see how others have fun, and you can also get inspired for your party! However, there are many videos to check out, so you might spend some time researching. But nothing is too long when you have fun!

Are you ready to get your party started? If so, let's join the Imagination Movers crew and get the music playing!