The Missing Scribble Sticks

Help the Imagination Movers complete their story in The Missing Scribble Sticks game. Try to draw their requests accurately to see how their tale ends!

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About The Missing Scribble Sticks Game

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The Imagination Movers created a story in The Missing Scribble Sticks game, and they need your help to finish it! Dave, Scott, Rich, and Smitty need you to use your drawing skills to see their creation done. Do you think your artistic skills are enough for this task?

Your job is to scribble some drawings based on the crew's guidance! Don't worry, though! If you are not very skilled at drawing, it's not a big deal! You only have to do your best and finish the crew's story!

How to Play

Drawing should be a relaxing activity, so the crew made the controls easy to use! You only need your mouse to pick up your tools and create your art. Besides your pencil, you will also have an eraser. So, if you make some mistakes, you can quickly wipe them out and try again! 

The first phase you will have to go through is creating your drawings! The guys will need you to draw three pictures. For example, you will have to draw a number, a face, or even an eyeball! Each drawing is for the story, so try to do your best. When you finish, it's time to listen to Imagination Movers' story!

Their tale is about how Rich lost his drumsticks, and the band can't play their concert without them! They will use your drawing to recreate some of his memories. Also, you will get to learn about his hobbies and what instruments each member plays! Do you think you know them all?

Are you ready to start drawing and completing the band's story? Let's see if your skills are good enough to clear each one of their tasks!