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Play Little Einsteins: My Masterpiece Game and create incredibly artworks. Place the stickers wherever you want or even start a landscape from scratch!

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Painting is one of the oldest things that humans have been doing. From the times when cave dwellers painted animals on the walls of their caves with their fingers to more modern times when people started to use brushes and other tools and even today in My Masterpiece game, it remained one of the most beautiful activities that were ever invented.

While letting your imagination run free over the piece of paper in front of you, you can express your emotions end up with something worthy of hanging on a wall. It is all fun and games until you have to clean up after yourself. After finishing one of your drawings, there are usually stains of paint on everything around, and all the tools have o be put back in their place.

If you would prefer skipping that bit, then there is a solution. Go ahead and play this game to create your work of art on the computer. This way will leave your workspace clean, and if you still want to put it on the wall or fridge, you can print it out anytime you wish.

Let's create some artwork!

Click start and let us see what this is all about. Choose between Masterpiece Sticker Fun, where you will start with an already painted canvas, or Paint Your Own Scene, where you will only have some characters drawn.

Start with the first option to see what it is all about. When you open this one, you will notice that you have some great pictures to start with. Try out a Monet, Gauguin, Seurat, or even a Rousseau; each painting is more than breathtaking.

After choosing, you have to do your part of the artwork, so have a look at your tools. Click on any character on the right to make the stickers pop out. Choose whichever you think fits best and click and drag to place them on the canvas. If you happen to change your mind about any of them, do not panic and grab the rubber at the bottom to erase anything unnecessary. When you have finished, print the work of art or try out a new one!

Let your imagination run free

Your other option here is to start painting almost from scratch. Pick a canvas with any scene you want; it should already have some stickers on it so your job will be to paint it. Now the fun begins. Use your imagination and pick out from the colors on the right then choose an instrument. Because achieving such beautiful landscapes requires some knowledge, try them out first to see how they work. The three brushes trace lines of different thicknesses, depending on their size. Paint with them according to how bit the area you want to cover is.

Next to them is a little paint sprayer gun. At its name says it will spay over any color of your choosing, creating a line that has no clear borders. The last tool is a sponge that produces a cooling effect if tapped somewhere. When in need, pick up the rubber to erase any mistake that ruins the masterpiece, click wherever you need, and it will clear away any unwanted bits.