Quincy and the Magic Instruments

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Play Quincy and the Magic Instruments

About Quincy and the Magic Instruments Game

Get ready for a new musical challenge with the Little Einsteins in Quincy and the Magic Instruments Game. Help him organize some bands so that he can make Leo`s baton return. It somehow got lost on one of their missions, and now he desperately needs it back. But now that Quincy has got your help there is no way you two cannot succeed.

What you have to do is to move your mouse over the contour of instruments that appear on your screen and to listen to the song they play once you do that. After listening to the whole thing, move the cursor over the instruments at the bottom of the screen to play their songs too. When you think that you have found one that matches with what the contour played the try to see whether you are right. Grab the instrument and drag it to the center. If you are right, then it should stick there for good, but if you are wrong, it will go back to its initial place.

If you find it too difficult for you, then just try to match them by looking at their shape. The instrument that has to get into that place should fit it perfectly, just like a glove. Try a few times until you get it, and when every one of them is put in the right place, they will start playing a song. While playing a beautiful piece, they will change forms, see whether there is Leo`s baton too! If there is nothing, then go to the next level to see whether it is hidden somewhere else. At the end of each level, you also have the possibility to take everything all over again from the start. Press the Jumble button to see whether you can get things right for a second time too. Or if you just want to hear the beautiful song again at the end, you can also go for the Replay Music button. It will make the band play once more for you the same song as earlier. When you are done with replaying and relistening, go for the Next button, which takes you to the next level. Each new band plays a different style of music than the one before. This way you will never hear the same genre twice unless you replay it yourself because of how much you have enjoyed it. From classical to jazz, you get a little bit from everything.

When the lost baton finally decides to appear, you will spot Leo too conducting your band like a real pro. See how happy he is now that he has finally found his special thing. Everyone has something that is very special to them, a teddy bear, some doll or toy car, but for Leo, that is his baton. Try out this game and see whether you have got what you need to be a musician. Train your ear to recognize various pieces of music wrote by real artists. After finishing all the levels, you are sure to have gained at least some new skills you can boast with. Maybe you will even try taking up a new instrument!

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