Rocket and the Birthday Balloons

Have fun with cheerful activities in The Rocket and the Birthday Balloons game! Learn to review colors and shapes, but in a more interactive way!

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You know better than anyone that a cool birthday party needs a lot of beautiful decorations. The Rocket and the Birthday Balloons game has a lot of those! Click play to see how you can throw a fantastic party! For Annie's birthday, she wanted to have as many balloons as possible because she loves the diversity of colors. She is a delightful person with soo many good friends, and we decided she deserves to have the most fabulous party ever!

But unfortunately, the wind is blowing quite strong today, and her balloons flew in the air. It would be a pity to lose them. What should we do? Let's find a solution and get the ballons back to Annie's Birthday and get the biggest smile from her. Happily, her friends offered to fly in the air with the fast, red Rocket and get the balloons back. How fast are you? 

How to Play

Once you get in the air, a lot of clouds will stay in your way. Make sure you overcome them. If you want to do that, you have to identify their shape, for example, those with a rectangular form or a moon, a heart, a star, a duck, a circle and so on. Only by identifying them you will get past them, so don't waste any second longer! If you are mistaken, do not worry; the balloons are still going to be behind the cloud, try again and move forward. You will see the Rocket flying with the balloons.

The more balloons you get from every cloud, the faster you gather them and get back to Annie before is getting dark. But this is not all. There are three different levels of clouds. You will have to use your knowledge about colors to pick the right cloud on the second level. Further on, the two first levels will combine, and everything will get a bit more complicated, but what can be difficult for someone as smart as you? Pick the right clouds and hurry, Annie, is waiting for her balloons.

In the end, you can capture the marvelous moment when Annie gets her decorations back and see how cheerful you made her look!