Echo Time with Annie

Play Echo Time with Annie
Play Echo Time with Annie

About Echo Time with Annie Game

If you really like to listen to music, this is your chance to listen to the best, created directly by yourself! By the instrumentality of the Echo Time with Annie Game, you can choose to either play the echo game with the help of Annie or make an echo by yourself. If you decide to play the echo game with Annie, listen to the song and play back every sound to make it just the same as the previous one. Annie, the cute little girl, will be here to help you every step of the way, by giving you instructions when you feel like you need them, repeating the action that you should undertake or the keys that have to be pressed when you are lost.

There are 4 types of sounds that will produce an echo: the pig, the trumpet, the dulcimer and then there is Annie with her soft and beautiful voice, who will take out a major sound to please your ears. Annie will guide you throughout the game, you only have to remember the pattern she is playing in the beginning. In order to earn points, you have to be very careful because the song is longer every time. Push the right sound because otherwise, you will lose points. For every correct sound, you will earn 1 point in the beginning. Concentrate very well, we know you can do this! You can earn as many points as you want, just remember the order of each sound, and you will see great results. If you choose to make an echo by yourself and you are still playing with Annie, you have the option to change it from the upper left corner.

Now it`s time to be a real magical wood nymph, just like the amazing Echo and demonstrate you can really sing as beautifully as a magical creature. Create a brand new sound and click the note buttons on the screen or the keys on your keyboard from "a" to " ` ". The song can be as long as you wish. After you finish, click on "hear the silly echoes" you will be able to hear your song, and can change echoes whenever you want while the song is playing and the frog, the dog, the cat, the pig, the trumpet, the piano, and the dulcimer will do magic in no time. Let`s hear some delightful music!

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