The Great Sky Race

Play The Great Sky Race
Play The Great Sky Race

About The Great Sky Race Game

The Great Sky Race Game will transform you into an extraordinary pilot, alongside 4 friends on board the spacecraft! All you have to do is to be a leader, sail successfully in the air and gather the musical notes that make up a genuinely enchanting song. Are you ready to fly above the clouds with your friends? Pat with them on the space bar and shout "blast off" because you are going in the greatest adventure ever!

You only need to move your mouse up and down to guide your rocket. With your superpowers, agility, and energy fly through the Allegro hoop to increase speed and go even faster. At some point, you will feel that your rocket is not going fast enough, but where there are many the power grows, so do not worry, your friends will shout and sing with you. As long as you pass through the Allegro Hoop, you will receive an extra 100 points, isn`t that great?

As you can see, this sky race is very tight, but you can do it! The clouds can catch you in their net, watch out for them, they are going to slow you down. But of course nothing can stop you, so listen to the music that will help you concentrate and create a relaxing atmosphere for you to be the first one to the finish line! Not only the music but the vivid colors of the notes, the sky itself and not to forget about your darling friends, all are there to help you win this race! The big cup at the end is already yours, little hero! Do not forget, the more you shout "Allegro", the higher the chances of winning the race and get there before the big ship! Take good care of yourself, stay away from the big clouds, and when you are ready to "run" faster than the light, press "blast ahead", you will fly directly to the finish line! Do not waste any second, embark on the great flying adventure, ready, steady, fly! If you become better and better, the spaceship is all yours!

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