Little Einsteins Games

Set on adventurous missions with these wonderfully talented kids in Little Einsteins Games. Play and learn about artists and composers at the same time! Use your talents to overcome any obstacles!


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Learn with the Little Einsteins

Sometimes learning is not the most entertaining thing that somebody can do. It often happens to get bored even if you have not even started, and even the thought of school makes some faces very unhappy. If all those things happen to you too, there is a solution to the problem, that should get rid on any unpleasant side effects of staying at the desk with a book in front of you. Check out the very educational Little Einsteins Games, and find out more things regarding all sorts of arts and famous people and places just by playing.

By trying out some of these, such as My Masterpiece Game, you can become like one of the greatest painters that walked on the surface of the Earth. Create your own painting using the special tools or improve one famous piece of work with some stickers and make sure that you print that out when you are finished.

Find out more about animals on their missions and play Moon Rock Mix-Up Game to save some poor creatures that got lost on their way to their natural habitats. All the farm animals are swimming in the ocean, and those from the Arctic region are now floating aimlessly on the Nile. Just imagine how disoriented they feel right now. Gather them and make sure they manage to get home safe while enjoying some classical pieces of music that will surely put you in an excellent mood.

Because education, learning and having fun are our main purposes, our favorite characters picked a mission that encompasses all those goals. Travel all around the globe and through all the countries simply by picking out your favorite episodes from the full list. If you are out of ideas, pick one at random, and start clicking on every sticker to open up pop-ups, that will tell you all sorts of interesting bits of information. Be it about a famous artist or famous places around the globe it will surely keep you eager to find out more. So hop on and play Mission to Learn Game, and impress your friends with all the knowledge that you have assimilated while you were here.

Meet the Little Einsteins Characters

As the name says, all the characters and very young and full of energy and learning potential. They are all very curious and ready to go on all sorts of promising missions at any time of the day and any day of the week.

Because they are all a team, there is one member that is the captain, and his name is Leo. He is a six-year-old boy with red hair and green eyes. His greatest talent is to conduct orchestras and bands and mostly anything that has musical instruments in it. Because of that, his most prized possession is nothing else than a conducting baton. Even though it seems more like a stick to a person that is new to music, he can do wonders using it. You will see what a simple baton can do in all their missions!

Annie is Leo younger sister, she has bright blue eyes and blonde, and even though she does not look exactly like her brother, you can be sure that the musical talent runs in the family. As sweet as she is her voice is exactly the same. She loves to sing, and she is really good at it too. Her voice is always of use in all their missions, especially when they face challenges. It also is handy when they want to fly Rocket because depending on the tune, it goes either up or down.

The next member of the team is June. She is a great ballet dancer and will dance on any given occasion. She is always wearing her ballet flats so that she can be ready for any challenge that requires her to do a little dance. Even though she is very talented, her downside is that she gets scared pretty easily, but at the same time knows when she needs to be brave for the team. June is also very smart, every time a new word comes up she is the first to say what it means and to explain a few things, so whenever you have troubles with something like that, you should ask her! Here is also an interesting article on our blog where you can read even more things about June!

Quincy is the instrument guy around. No matter what kind of musical instrument pops into his hands, be it a string, blowing or percussion, he is certain to know how to play it. You might call him a prodigy, but in fact, he is very talented. He uses his skills very often while on quests and will happily try to help anyone in danger.

Get to know them better while playing some Little Einsteins Games!

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