What are the most popular Jake Games?

  1. Disney Junior Puzzles
  2. Disney Junior Jamboree
  3. Happy Birthday Party
  4. Disney Junior Color
  5. Disney Super Arcade
  6. Frost Magic
  7. Soaring Over Summer Arcade
  8. Puttin' Pirates
  9. Jake's World
  10. Big Air Adventure

What are the best Jake Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Disney Junior Puzzles
  2. Disney Junior Jamboree
  3. Happy Birthday Party
  4. Disney Junior Color
  5. Disney Super Arcade

Get ready to sail the stormy seas!

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with the Jake and the Never Land Pirates games! Have you ever wanted to become a mighty pirate that faces stormy seas? Now you have the chance to discover fascinating islands populated by magical creatures! Besides, you'll find hidden treasures and even some mysterious artifacts. All in all, this category allows you to enjoy the best aspects of pirate life!

As you explore, you'll reunite with old pals and make new friends! What sets this series apart is that it takes place in one of the most famous magical universes: Never Land.

Inspired by Peter Pan, the book written by J.M.Barrie in the 1910s, Disney Junior kept some of the most well-loved characters from the 1953 movie. However, they also added a brand new crew of young pirates! As a result, the Jake and the Never Land Pirates series appeared in 2011. As you can imagine, it was an instant hit since its launch, enticing young fans and even grown-ups from all over the world!

This is much more than just an ordinary pirate adventure! You'll have the opportunity to become part of a magical universe where no one ever grows up! Wow! Can you imagine what it would be like to live as a kid forever? Now you don't have to! Just hop on Bucky, the pirate ship, and forget about all the worries of day-to-day life!

In the company of Jake and his crew, you'll feel the joy and magic of childhood, no matter your age! Thanks to the unique atmosphere in Never Land, you'll have a lot of fun while learning about the value of friendship and teamwork. 

Meet the crew from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Games!

Let's meet the Captain first! As you already know by now, Peter Pan is the protector of Never Land. However, now he has left to explore the outside world. Can you guess who he has left in charge? That's right! We're talking about Jake! The young boy has dark hair, hazel eyes, and olive skin.

In addition to his charming looks, Jake has the qualities of a natural leader. As a result, he is fearless, caring, and honorable. Can you believe that he even saved the life of his archenemy a few times? Join the protagonist of the series in his adventures and watch him interact with his team in the Jake's World game!

Izzy is the only girl on the crew. Nevertheless, she is feisty, hard-working, and joyful. Most importantly, she has an amazing ability: she can fly thanks to her bag of Pixie Dust. Can you guess who gifted it to her? Of course, we're talking about Tinker Bell, one of the most well-known fairies. Thanks to her brightness and talent, Izzy is a vital member of the crew. In her company, you'll learn to sing, dance, and solve puzzles!

Despite his shyness and lack of confidence, Cubby is a valuable member of the team as well. Don't let appearances fool you! This timid and plump boy has a heart of gold and incredible loyalty. In addition, he also holds the map of the seas, an irreplaceable tool for the pirate crew! It helps them discover new places and find hidden treasures in the Nerversea. You can take a closer look at all the amazing locations by playing the Journey Beyond the Never Seas game!

Beware of Captain Hook!

What would a series be without a good villain? Of course, Captain Hook is one of the most well-known Disney baddies. After a long vendetta against Peter Pan, he has set his sight on the three kid pirates sailing on Bard of Bucky.

As you might know by now, Hook is the Captain of Jolly Roger, a big pirate ship. Above all, Hook hates Peter Pan, crocodiles, and the pesky pirate kids that steal his treasures. However, you shouldn't get too scared! Despite his impressive sword skills, the Captain can never defeat Jake and his crew!

Don't forget about Mr. Smee! Like Hook, he is another famous and beloved villain from the Peter Pan series. Similarly, he is more of a goofy comedic presence than a real threat to the crew on Bucky. However, you'll find that he is loyal, smart, and quite gentle. Even if Hook humiliates him sometimes, they still form a dynamic duo. Watch them at work and help Jake avoid them in the Bucky's Halloween Haunt game!

Explore this category and get to know all the characters from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates games! You'll meet mermaids, fairies, and even some more members of Hook's crew! Besides, you'll have fun learning about friendship, bravery, and curiosity. Music, fun puzzles, and dances will also be part of your journey on the Never Sea!

So what are you waiting for? Join in!

There are currently 23 free online Jake games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.