Jake's Story Quest

Travel across Neverland and chase after Captain Hook in Jake's Story Quest game! Find all the stolen pages and bring back Wendy's storybook safely!

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About Jake's Story Quest Game

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Oh no! It seems that Wendy's storybook was stolen by Captain Hook in the Jake's Story Quest game! Now, the Neverland Pirates have to get it and its' pages back safely from the thief. Can you help Jake and his friends find the missing items and complete their quest?

It's time to pick a leader for the mission. Help Wendy, Jake, John, and Michael retrieve all book pages safely, or the stories will be lost forever! Search through Neverland, complete your tasks and take Captain Hook down. Are you confident you can take back all the stolen items?

How to Play

Ahoy! There is no time to lose, so you should begin the search. To lead your friends towards the thief, you have to use your mouse and tap on the spinner. After that, you will move closer and closer to Captain Hook!

If you enjoy playing board games, this mission will be a piece of cake for you! Spin the wheel, advance a few steps, and see what tasks await you. Your buddies will move the number of spaces you spin. Some of them will tell a story, while others will have you play mini-games to advance further!

The more you move, the more points you will earn! Hop from one spot to another and look for the storybook pages. Just remember that Captain Hook also gets a turn, so you have to stay ahead of him at all costs! The thief must be caught after all!

The challenges are random, from helping Scully collect items from the sky to matching cards, and will put all your skills to the test! You have to do your best to complete all the missions before time runs out and aim for a high score. Depending on your performance, you will earn several pages each time!

What else you should know

Just like a real board game, you also need to get lucky to become the winner! Sometimes the spot you land on can tell you to move backward instead of giving you a prize. Just don't get discouraged because there are many chances to catch up to Captain Hook! Once your lucky streak starts, you will reach the finish line in no time!

Keep an eye on the pages, and make sure you have more than your opponent by the end of the challenge! Only the best player will get to keep the book. As Jake, Wendy, John, and Michael make their way through Neverland, they have to collect more parts than the thief. If they don't, the storybook will be lost forever!

Well, there's no time left, so get ready to follow the evil pirate! Chase after Captain Hook with Jake and his friends, and make sure to bring back the girl's book safely!