Never Land Rescue

Save Jake's world from disappearing in the Never Land Rescue game! Go on a quest and collect the mystical treasure to restore magic to the Forever Tree!

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About Never Land Rescue Game

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Jake's world is in great danger of disappearing forever, and you have to help him save it in the Never Land Rescue game! Fairy Rock has revealed to the pirates that their land might vanish soon. To protect it, a hero must take on a quest to restore the Forever Tree. Are you brave enough to join your friends on this adventure?

It's time to take off with Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and the rest of their crew! Your job is to complete various missions across Never Land, such as retrieving pixie dust from the fairies and ink from the Lagoon. After that, you can restore the map and find a new sword for the hero! Can you overcome the challenges and return the magic to the Forever Tree?

How to Play

Get ready to set sail along with the brave pirates! There will be lots of traveling to do, but luckily you can use your mouse and keyboard to move. Just tap on the Left and Right arrows to run or the Up key to jump. Once it's time to swim or fly, you can use your mouse to guide Jake around the area!

The mysterious guardian has prepared five challenges that Jake must overcome. To help your friend, you will have to visit the fairies at the Fountain of Forever, head off to the Mermaid Lagoon, and finally reach the last destination.

The way there won't be easy to cross because you will have to hop from one platform to another or even navigate an underwater labyrinth. However, you will surely reach the treasure as long as you don't get lost!

What else you should know

As you aim to restore Cubby's map and find a new sword for Jake, you will have to gather some ingredients. Wander through each area, and pick up all the fruit, shells, and pixie dust you can find. If you manage to collect enough, you will earn some coins for the pirate crew!

Remember that it is important to avoid obstacles at all costs! Sometimes, scary critters such as spiders or giant crabs will appear out of nowhere. If you run into them, you will lose some of the items you've gathered so far. However, if you manage to stay safe, you might even earn some bonus gold doubloons for your hard work!

It's time to explore the Never Land! Set off on your adventure with Jake and his buddies, and help them restore magic to the Forever Tree. Your friends are counting on you to lend them a hand!