PJ Masks Games

Play the PJ Masks games if you want to go on exciting night time adventures! Join Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette as they confront dangerous villains!

Save the world in your pajamas!

Play the PJ Masks Games if you want to see how children, just like you, can become brave superheroes! This interesting franchise started as a series of books. However, ever since its first TV adaptation in 2015, the interactive computer-animated show has captured young children's hearts everywhere. Why is that? It proves that size and age don't matter at all when it comes to being a superhero. Anybody can fight against evil as long as he makes the most out of his abilities!

Let's find out more about the PJ Masks trio! These children might seem normal at first sight. However, when the night comes, they become brave heroes, thanks to their magical pajamas. Besides, each of their magical costumes features a built-in animal totem.

As you can guess, this allows our heroes to channel the energy of the respective creature. Therefore, whenever someone disturbs the peace of Tarabiscoville, our three protagonists put on their pajamas and get ready for battle. Would you like to join them in their adventures? It's going to be a lot of fun!

Are you ready to find out more about the three heroes of the series? Each one has a personality, cool skills, special abilities, and, of course, interesting gadgets. It's so fun to discover them all! If you are looking for a quick and entertaining way to do that, play the PJ Masks: Hidden Heroes game!

Do you know the heroes of the PJ Masks Games?

Let's start by introducing the leader of the group! As expected, Connor is the oldest member of the trio. Even if he is clumsy at times, he's also smart and friendly. However, everything changes once our hero puts on his pajamas and turns into Catboy! To begin with, he becomes more powerful. For example, he can hear any sound a distance with Super Cat Ears, jump very high, and run as fast as the lightning. Besides, he has the Cat-Car, which he uses to transport the heroes anywhere as fast as possible.

Get ready to meet the only girl! Amaya is a smart yet impatient child. Besides, she is loyal even if sometimes her egotistical or selfish side comes out. Nevertheless, Amaya becomes more impressive when she puts on her costume. As Owlette, she uses her sharp mind to put together ingenious strategies. Moreover, she puts her superpowers to good use. Amaya can see in the dark using Owl Eyes, fly with her cape made out of wings, and even attack her opponents with powerful gusts of wind.

Last but not least, you need to meet the youngest member! Despite his age, Greg is the strongest member of the team. Granted, sometimes he can be competitive, but overall he is a friendly boy. When he puts on his costume and becomes Gekko, he can make the most of his abilities. With the Super Gekko Muscles, Greg can lift incredibly heavy objects, camouflage himself and climb on almost any surface.

Beware of the menacing villains!

Naturally, any good superhero series needs some villains. In this case, the PJ Masks team is up against some of the terrifying villains. Are you ready to meet them?

Who is that girl with shiny silver hair? For the first time, seeing Luna Girl can be quite terrifying, given her mysterious appearance and the swarm of moths that surround her all the time. But why is she so dangerous? Luna is a very greedy young girl. Therefore, the PJ Masks need to keep an eye on her and ensure that all the toys are safe! However, they will need to put all their abilities to good use to defeat her!

This villain surfs around on her Luna Board and uses her powerful magnet to attract the objects she wants. Besides, she has a wand that grants her magical abilities. Are you ready to confront her? Play the Moonfizzle Madness game and see if you can beat her!

Be careful when walking at night! You never know when the Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos might appear! This frightening antagonist is looking to take out the PJ Masks and become the most powerful person in Tarabiscoville. What makes him such a treat? To begin with, he is in control of three henchmen, the Ninjalinos. They all use strange devices, called the Sticky Splats, to pin down their opponents and hinder their movement.

Moreover, Night Ninja has impressive acrobatic abilities, performing backflips and very high jumps with ease. Smoke Bombs, teleportation, and Ninja Fingers are just a few of this villain's abilities. Can you imagine how hard it is to go up against him and his minions? Luckily, now you can experience this first-hand with the Sticky Splat Soccer game!

Play the PJ Masks Games if you are afraid of the dark! It will prove that amazing adventures can happen after you put on your pajamas. Did you know that anybody can be brave and do the right thing, even if they are just children? Join Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette in their nighttime adventure and become a courageous hero yourself!

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