Catch the Ninjalinos

Join the PJ Masks on a new mission in the Catch the Ninjalinos game! Choose between Gekko, Catboy, or Owlette, and grab as many Ninjalinos as you can!

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About Catch the Ninjalinos Game

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Are you up for a new challenge? Then join the characters of PJ Masks in the Catch the Ninjalinos game! It seems like a new villain is after the PJ Masks. The Night Ninja sent his minions after the heroes, and it's your job to keep them away! Do you have what it takes to help the heroes?

Your task here is to choose a character between Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette, and help him catch as many ninjas as possible! You will have to react fast because you are working against a timer! Grab the Ninjalinos, carry them on your back, then drop them in the box hanging from the tree. Are you up for this challenge?

How to Play

To control and move your chosen hero, you will need to use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Press the Left or Right keys, and your character will move towards that direction. When you are close to a ninja, you will automatically grab him, and you will need to go towards the wooden box to throw him inside.

You have one minute to grab as many Ninjalinos as you can, while also avoiding the splats coming from the Night Ninja. If you get hit by the villain's attacks, you will lose a few seconds of playtime. If you are also carrying a ninja on your back, he will fall off, and you will be forced to pick another one up. Be careful because your time is precious!

Sometimes you will see useful power-ups show up, which you should try to pick up. One is a temporary shield that will make you invincible in front of the sticky attacks. The other one will add some extra seconds to your timer. 

The game has only one stage, but it can be quite challenging to achieve a good score! At the end of the mission, you will be given anywhere from one to five ninjas as a rating. Make sure to not get stopped by the Night Ninja's attacks if you are aiming for a record! 

Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette need your help! Lend them a hand and help defeat the Night Ninja's minions!