Howling Havoc

Get ready for a fierce battle with the Howling Havoc game! Can you lend the PJ Masks a helping hand as they battle the howls of the Wolfy Kids?

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About Howling Havoc Game

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You can't miss out on the Howling Havoc game if you have always wanted to be a superhero! Now you can join one of the most charming yet impressive teams. Have you heard of the PJ Masks? They might seem like a bunch of young children in their pajamas. However, don't be fooled by appearances! The trio boasts incredible powers that can defeat almost any enemy. Are you ready to experience them first hand?

What is that blood-curling sound? It comes from the Wolfy Kids! They are the most feared enemies of our three superheroes. What can be more menacing than a bunch of werewolves? Their howls are so strong that they can knock you off your feet. Get ready to face them!

How to Play

The first step is to pick one of the three heroes. Do you like the agile Catboy, Gekko, the master of camouflage, or Owlette and her powerful wings? The choice is up to you!

No matter who you choose, you're in for a challenge that will raise your adrenaline levels! Are you swift enough to beat the werewolves? All you need to do is block the opponent's blows by using your powers.

The key is to keep a close eye on the bar at the bottom of the screen. You will notice a target in the bottom left corner. Keep a close eye on the white oval, representing your enemy's attack! Can you click your Left Mouse Button when the oval is in the center of the target? It's the only way to block your opponent's blow!

How precise are you? You will receive all three points if you click at the perfect moment. However, you will still be rewarded if you get close enough! You will only receive one point if the attack is caught inside the target's surface but not exactly in the center.

What else you should know

Wow, what was that? As the battle goes on, you will encounter more than one enemy at once. Naturally, this means that you will have to block more attacks at the same time. Whether we are talking about two or three threats, make sure you click multiple times and try to catch each one of them as they pass the center of the target. How challenging!

Can you collect all three golden stars? Your final score is based on your precision and timing. With a bit of practice, you'll surely become a pro in no time! Join the PJ Masks team for a very fun and breathtaking adventure!