Imagination Movers Games

Join a talented band from New Orleans in the Imagination Movers games. Help Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty with their daily tasks around the Idea Warehouse!

Welcome to the Idea Warehouse!

Are you looking for unique ways to learn new things? Well, it's time to meet a band having plenty of knowledge to share through the power of music! Join them in The Imagination Movers games to see what they have in stock for you. Don't worry! You can bet you'll hear some catchy beats and melodies when they're around! Did these energetic guys catch your attention yet?

The creators of the Imagination Movers show are actually the four bandmates that star in it. Their full names are David Poche, Scott Smith, Rich Collins, and Scott Durbin, and they were all longtime friends when they started their band in New Orleans.

The reason behind it was to encourage creativity in children and create music and content that spoke to them, not down to them. So, they worked hard on their project, and the first episode aired in 2003 on Disney Chanel.

But what's really so interesting about this band? With their goal in mind, the crew created many bops to teach the kids at home about the world's wonders. Also, the guys have some other jolly friends that help them spread their message from the comfort of their home called the Idea Warehouse.

As you can see, the crew prepared a fun environment where anyone is welcome to join and start learning! Doesn't it begin to sound exciting?

It's time to meet the team!

Let's begin with the first two band members. First up is Rich, the drummer! However, his instrument is far from ordinary because his drumsticks double as Scribble Sticks. Rich uses these to write words and draw pictures anywhere he wants.

Also, there is Scott, the band's keyboardist! You can easily recognize him by his Wobble Goggles, which allow him to see things from many perspectives. Because he is a talented performer, he can play many other instruments like the mandolin and melodica.

The third band member is Dave, the bass player. He also has a great voice, like the rest of his crew! Besides his musical talents, he is also the man you can call to solve any trouble. He has a red gadget hat used as a storage device for loads of handy objects.

Speaking about nifty people, Smitty is the band's guitar player. He is also a cowboy that is in love with the outdoors. Also, he integrates his passion for the wilderness by blowing duck and goose calls on some of the band's songs.

Now we should not forget about their friends. The first on the list is Warehouse Mouse. He always joins the band in their shenanigans, and trouble always comes from him. There is also Nina, a 15-year-old full of energy that loves to help the Movers with their problems.

However, at the other end of the list is Nina's uncle, Knit Knots. He dislikes any activity of the Movers as he is obsessed with boredom.

Start the fun with the Imagination Movers games!

Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty are a band of resourceful musicians! However, even they need some help from time to time. Of course, they have their friends on their side, but sometimes even they might not be enough. So, would you like to partake in their adventures? If so, get ready to put your creativity and musical talent to work!

Are you worried that your musical skills are not sharp enough to join the crew? Well, you can try the Rockin' Roundup game to test if you recognize the sound of every instrument the band plays. 

Also, you can play the Warehouse Mouse in the Bubble Room game to meet the band's fluffy companion. However, he is in a bit of a pickle. Someone left the Wind Room open, and he got flown away with all of his stuff in the Bubble room. So, help him get all his things back as soon as possible.

As you know, Knit Knots is not a fan of the Imagination Movers' music. So, in the Uncle Knit Knots' Sound Swatter game, you should help the band practice their songs without waking him up. Don't worry, though! Dave has the perfect tool to practice in silence, called the Sound Swatter. Will you be able to use it flawlessly?

Now that you have all this information, you surely can't wait to start having fun with the Imagination Movers games. However, don't forget that your goal is to learn many things while having fun. Also, you might want to take their example and start playing an instrument.

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