Trolls Games

Dive into a bright world filled with music and wonder with the Trolls Games! Join these adorable creatures for some thrilling and fun adventures!

The Trolls Games allow you to meet happy and adorable creatures!

Give the Trolls Games a try if you are feeling down and need a little pick me up! Have you heard about this sensational computer-animated musical? If not, you should know that the 2016 movie is based on a famous toy invented in the '60s. I'm sure you've seen the goofy creatures with crazy, colorful hair sticking right out of their heads. However, I can bet you've never seen them like this before!

These small and colorful creatures are extremely special! Why? - You might ask. They live in a state of almost perpetual happiness and spend most of their time singing, dancing, and crafting together. What is more, they have exciting and loud parties all the time, and even take breaks to hug each other. Isn't that adorable?

Nevertheless, the Trolls have their fair share of troubles. Most of their problems come from the Bergens, a race of large, ugly, miserable creatures. These ungraceful beings consider that eating a Troll is their only chance at happiness. Can you believe that they have been living in a constant state of wretchedness for 20 years?

Ever since the Trolls have escaped Bergen, they have been trying to live their lives in peace. However, their love for music and extravagant, colorful parties have attracted the attention of Bergens. Can you believe that they have been captured once more? Besides, they are a step away from being devoured at a giant party called the Trollstice!

This is where you come in! Design your own character with the Trollify Yourself game, and get prepared for a fun-filled journey! Are you ready for bright colors, catchy music, and lots of glitters?

Did you know that sometimes opposites can work together?

Let's meet the stars of this thrilling adventure! Who is the relentlessly upbeat Troll with huge bright pink hair, and an even larger personality? Well, it's Princess Poppy, King Peppy's only child. It's impossible not to notice her, especially given her popularity and love for loud music!

We meet Poppy at a crucial time in her life, as she gets ready to take the lead from her dad and become the leader of the Trolls. Although her love for music and her incredible empathy make her charming, she still has a lot to prove to become a true leader! Her one chance to earn the crown is saving her community from the threat of the Bergens.

This is where Branch comes in! This overly-cautious Troll hasn't got much in common with the other inhabitants of Troll Village. For example, he is the only Troll with a washed-out appearance who refuses to join in Poppy's extravagant parties. What is more, he refuses to sing! 

Despite all of their individual misgivings, the two are forced to collaborate in their fight against Bergens. Poppy's optimism and peaceful solutions tone down Branch's pessimism and hot temper. In turn, the survivalist balances Poppy's naivety with a good dose of pragmatism. As a result, you can see them working together and even lend a helping hand in the 3D Maze Adventure game.

Friends and cheerfulness will help you get through anything!

What makes the Trolls Games a truly unique experience is the impressive universe built by the creators. For instance, I am sure you will be amazed by the brightly colored backgrounds and upbeat music. You simply can't stop smiling while playing these games!

Moreover, the creative character design will undoubtedly draw you in. Have you met Creek, the Zen master, who turns to the dark side? How about Biggie, the gentle giant, and his pet worm, Mr. Dinkle? Cooper, Guy Diamond, and DJ Suki are just a few more cool Trolls that you might like to meet.

If you are curious about them and their personalities, you should definitely take the Find Your Inner Troll quiz! Not only will it allow you to explore their world better, but you will also learn more about yourself!

Surprisingly, the Bergens turn out not to be that bad after all! Thanks to Poppy's empathy and ability to solve problems without violence, this story has a happy ending! As a result of a lot of hard work, a make-over, and a lot of singing, the Bergens find their way to happiness by the end of everything. Can you believe that it doesn't involve eating Trolls?

Are you ready to experience a roller-coaster of emotional love stories, betrayal, redemption, and forgiveness? Put your dancing shoes on, warm up your voice, and step into this extremely colorful and bright world! Are you ready to forget about your worries and smile?

There are currently 12 free online Trolls games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.