The Beat Goes On!

The musical notes are missing in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Game. Collect them and beware of the obstacles to create the most wonderful song of all time!

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About The Beat Goes On! Game

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Ah, the music that the lovely little trolls are singing is so delightful. It just makes you want to dance forever, does it not? Now, you get the opportunity to contribute to the creation of this amazing music, only in The Beat Goes On! Game. You will need some passion, some determination, and a touch of magic. These are all of the requirements.

It is such a wonderful day to be singing your favorite songs. And the trolls have woken up so happy and full of joy. But something is missing. Can you figure out what? The musical notes, of course. To create the perfect song, you need to reach some specific notes. How could you do this if they got lost?

The lovely trolls are counting on you to find all of the missing chords and notes right now. Fulfill every mission and help them have the time of their life. Do this before it is too late. You would not want them to be sad because they do not have the right musical notes, do you? 

Create the perfect song

Are you a passionate singer? Then you know what the perfect ingredient for the best music is. It is to find the best musical notes, right? This precisely is what you will need to do now. To find the missing musical notes by exploring the land of the trolls. They might be anywhere, so do not miss any spots.

To explore this amazing land, you will need to use the arrow keys. Do you think the road will be smooth? Well, you are wrong. There will be many obstacles. And if you do not avoid them, you will lose your chances. The flowers represent the chances that you have. And you will begin with only three of them. Do not worry, though. If you jump over them and find some more flowers on your way, you will be safe.

Collect as many musical notes as you can to create the perfect song. Sing and dance alongside your favorite characters and help them complete their daily quests without issues. Are you ready for this?