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Play the Trolls Puzzles game and improve your memory by putting the pieces together! Can you complete every puzzle and reveal the hidden pictures?

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About Trolls Puzzles Game

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Test your memory and put the pieces together in the Trolls Puzzles game! Poppy and her cute friends have prepared a new take on a classic challenge for you to try. Are you ready to showcase your intelligence by uncovering the hidden images? If so, join your buddies and give their mission a go!

This challenge consists of various puzzles featuring some of your favorite members of the Trolls cast. Your job is to unjumble the pieces and put them in the correct position to reveal the solution. Just keep in mind that the clock is ticking, so you have to act fast! Will you be able to solve every mission?

How to Play

Let's solve the puzzle! Use your mouse and click on a piece to pick it up. Afterward, you can simply drag and drop it into the correct position. If your move is right, the item will snap into place.

Poppy, Branch, Creek, and the rest of the Trolls characters have prepared ten unique stages for you to try. However, you must go in order and complete them one by one to unlock the following puzzles. Each challenge will showcase another character, so you surely won't get bored easily! How cool is that?

To assemble the jigsaw correctly, you should look closely at the entire picture. Once you know where each element is, you can finally search for the puzzle pieces.

There's more you should know!

Remember that some have different shapes, so place them down carefully to be sure they snap to the board! When there are no more items left, the challenge will be over.

Keep in mind that you're playing against the clock, so you must move swiftly! At the end of each stage, you can earn some stars depending on how fast you solve the mission. You'll obtain all three stars if you complete the level in under 30 seconds. However, you'll only get one if it takes you more than a minute to reveal the puzzle.

Are you ready to put your mind to the test and uncover the hidden images? If so, join Poppy and her buddies and do your best to put the pieces together!