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Let your creativity and imagination run wild with the Trolls Makeover game! Any fan of the franchise will love giving Princess Poppy a make-over!

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With the Trolls Makeover game, you get the opportunity to change the appearance of one of the most popular characters in the Trolls franchise! Have you heard about Princess Poppy? This funky and upbeat pink sensation is quite hard to forget! 

Have you ever thought about giving her a makeover?  Surely, her hot pink hair and skin look great with her bright blue dress and flower headband. However, everybody could use a change every once in a while! How about you give it a try?

Start with the basics, then get creative!

This game has a typical makeover mechanism. Can you believe that you can choose everything with just a simple click? Use the left and right arrows to switch between menus and customize all the aspects of your Troll. Keep flipping through the different options until you find the best fit! Not feeling inspired? Click the 'Randomize' button to get a few helpful ideas.

There are so many options, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Let's start with the most iconic part of a Troll: the hair! Isn't it cool that you can change both the hair color and the style? Choose pigtails, a high updo, gradients, pastels, or even a rainbow! 

Now, it's time to add a little personality. Starting from the eye shape and color, choose something that best expresses your Troll's personality. Pick out an appropriate nose shape, whether it is a button nose, a round shape, or a larger, funny option. Isn't it cool that you can even pick out a funky color for it?

Complete Poppy's expression by selecting a mouth shape. Would you rather go for a bright, toothy smile, or something less flashy? Pick out a lip color as well! While you're there, it's time to decide on a body color that suits all your choices so far. 

The outfit and accessories will add magic to your creation! 

We all know Trolls can have a pretty funky sense of fashion! Get ready to let loose and find a combination that reflects your personality and your tastes! You have 10 different styles to choose from. Would you prefer a delicate dress, a sparkling style, or something ruffled and ornate? Whichever you choose, you have a range of color options that will surely make everything more fun!

Next, it's time for the exciting part! The accessories are the salt and pepper of any fashionable combinations. What would complete the look better? From colorful top hats to flower headbands and ribbons, there are so many choices!

The last step of Princess Poppy's makeover is to find a cool background, then enjoy your creation. Click the 'Show' button to admire your work. You can even save the look on your desktop, or print it.  It looks so cool! 

Show your beautiful creation to your friend, or even use it as a wallpaper!