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Play the Beetle Racer game to test your speed joined by your favorite Trolls! Get ready for a thrilling race through their magical and colorful world!

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Get ready for a high-speed chase with the Beetle Racer game! Do you enjoy the charming universe of the Trolls? Poppy, Branch, Cooper, and the rest of the gang are waiting for you with a very fun challenge! Did you know that these adorable creatures have a taste for speed?

Beetles are the equivalent of a state-of-the-art race car in the captivating gardens that the Trolls inhabit. Their strong wings make them perfect for a thrilling race among the flowers! Aren't you excited to try?

Get ready for three intense races that will make you very excited! You will start with an adrenaline-filled run in the morning. Can you complete all three rounds? You will be awarded several points depending on how well you place. Finish among the first three Trolls to move on to the evening and midnight races.  Otherwise, you can 

Steer your beetle!

Get ready to fly! You will play the part of Princess Poppy, a beloved pink sensation in the world of Trolls. Hop onto her pet beetle and race her five friends through the forest!

You can control your vehicle by using the Left and Right Arrows. Press them at the right time to avoid obstacles in your way. What is more, you can swerve left to right to bypass other racers. You can even bump into them! However, you should keep in mind that you can also be knocked off track. Make sure you steer carefully; otherwise, you will end up in the last place!

Pick up any bonuses you encounter along the way! The race is so tight that you can use a head start on your opponents. The yellow icons will grant you a protective shield. Isn't it cool that you can stop worrying about bumping into obstacles for a while? Pick up the glowing blue bonuses to get a much-needed speed boost! 

Enjoy the upbeat music and engaging background as you race for the first place! You're going to have a blast with the adorable characters from Trolls!