What are the most popular Cooking Games?

  1. Hello Kitty: Restaurant
  2. Papa's Cheeseria
  3. Papa's Scooperia
  4. Papa's Bakeria
  5. Hello Kitty: Xmas Dinner
  6. Papa's Pastaria
  7. Papa's Wingeria
  8. Sara's Cooking Class: Red Velvet Cake
  9. Food Truck Festival
  10. Dora's Cooking in La Cocina

What are the best Cooking Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Papa's Cheeseria
  2. Papa's Scooperia
  3. Papa's Bakeria
  4. Hello Kitty: Xmas Dinner
  5. Papa's Pastaria

Develop your talents in the kitchen!

Whether you already know your way around the kitchen or are a complete beginner, Cooking Games will surely open up your appetite! All the food-related activities in this category will show you that almost anybody can cook, at least in the world of online games. Do you have a passion for food and cooking? Are you the type of person likely to set the kitchen on fire?

No matter where you stand, you'll have a blast exploring this category! With games like Sara's Cooking Class, you'll learn all the steps of preparing food, from picking a recipe to finding and preparing the ingredients. During the process, you can use many tools, like ovens, mixers, and blenders. Don't be intimidated by them! You'll learn how to use them in no time, with the help of your friends.

Did you know that many of your favorite characters from cartoons and TV series are talented chefs? You have the chance to learn from their experience! Therefore, you get the best of both worlds by combining their company with learning a new skill. In such great company, you might even become inspired to cook in real life!

Try all the different types of Cooking Games!

As you know, there are countless types of food! Are you ready to try them all? Elaborate dishes, salty fast-food, traditional dishes from around the world, desserts, and baking goods are just a few things you can cook. As a result, you'll surely widen your horizons as a foodie and a chef! Aren't you excited to give them a try?

If you're an absolute beginner, we recommend you start with a crash course for clumsy chefs. You'll find plenty of challenges meant to explain the basics of working around the kitchen. Besides, you'll never guess who will be your teacher! Get ready to get a crash course from some famous chefs, like the fabulous blonde Barbie, in games like the You can be a Chef game!

Management is another side of the food industry that you might enjoy. When you walk into a restaurant, you notice all the decor, read the menu and interact with the staff before you even start eating. Have you ever thought about who is responsible for all these? That's right, it's the manager! If you want to try your hand at this tiring, yet satisfying job, give the My Disney Star Cafe game a try!

If you're not a fan of the classic restaurant, there are still plenty of options for you to try. For instance, making desserts is a more precise and creative form of cooking. Think of all the colored frostings, decorations, and fillings!

Alternatively, you can focus exclusively on your favorite type of food. If your dream is to cook nothing but pizza, pasta, or chicken wings all day, then this category is for you!

Are you ready to go pro?

Now that you're familiar with the world of cooking, you might be ready for the next step of your cooking career. If you think your skills are up to par, you should meet the owner of a famous line of restaurants worldwide.

Papa Louie has become a worldwide celebrity thanks to his many restaurants. Can you believe that each one is specialized in a different type of food? Impress him to get a job at one of his gourmet joints. Prove your skill while playing the Papa's Games, and work your way up to the top of Papa's franchise!

What can be more fitting than a competition for a chef to build their reputation? Going up against other talented chefs is a sure-fire way of improving your skills. You might learn a few new techniques and recipes from watching your opponent. Besides, any true chef should be able to perform well under pressure.

Let's not forget about the judges! If you know anything about them, they're almost impossible to please. Therefore, you have to perform each step flawlessly to impress them! Enroll in your first competition and learn how to cook some famous dishes from Nick's shows with the Nickelodeon: Cooking Contest game!

You can feel the heat when you're playing Cooking Games! You're always up against the clock, trying to keep the customers satisfied while creating delicious dishes every time. However, as any chef can tell you, the adrenaline rush is worth it! Besides, if you try all the challenges in this category, you'll surely pick up something that can inspire your cooking in real life.

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