Bunnies Kingdom: Cooking Game

Help the cute bunnies whip up magical treats in the Bunnies Kingdom: Cooking game! Test your memory and speed in this delightful cooking adventure.

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About Bunnies Kingdom: Cooking Game

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In the Bunnies Kingdom: Cooking game, you'll join two adorable bunnies in their kitchen. These fluffy little chefs are preparing tasty treats for a big party. The kitchen is full of magical ingredients like Sugar Stars and Cloud Flour, all set to make the yummiest goodies.

As the helper in this bunny kitchen, your job is to remember and mix the right ingredients for each recipe. You'll race against time to make as many treats as possible before the party starts. It's all about memory, speed, and having fun with these cute bunnies!

How to Play

Everything in this game is done with your mouse. Just click and drag the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Your task is to find and combine ingredients according to the recipe list.

As you start, you're given a recipe on a memo pad. This could be anything from a simple cookie to a fancy birthday cake, each with its own set of ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, and butter. The first step is memorizing these ingredients and their quantities. Remember, once you start mixing, the list vanishes!

Next, look around the kitchen to find the ingredients on your list. Once you find where each one is, just click and drag the correct quantity into the mixing bowl. This part of the game tests your memory and attention to detail. If you mix up the order or the quantities, the game ends, so precision is key.

After completing a recipe, a new one pops up on the memo pad, and the process repeats.

What else you should know

Keep an eye on the party time, indicated by a bar at the top of the screen that slowly fills up. The game continues until this bar is full, marking the start of the party. The goal is to prepare as many treats as possible before the time runs out.

Don't forget you have three hints at your disposal. These can be a lifesaver if you're stuck or forget part of a recipe. Use them wisely, as they are limited.

A good tip is to repeat the recipe out loud or in your head as you find the ingredients. This helps in remembering the order and quantities.

Are you ready to help these bunnies make the best party treats? Let's get cooking and see how many delicious goodies you can create!