Sara's Cooking Class: Thanksgiving Turkey

Play Sara's Cooking Class: Thanksgiving Turkey game and learn to whip up a festive feast! Just follow Sara's instructions and unleash your inner chef!

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Get ready for a fun adventure in the kitchen with Sara's Cooking Class: Thanksgiving Turkey game! This activity takes you step by step, teaching you to make a yummy Thanksgiving turkey, just like grown-ups do. You'll become a little chef, following Sara's tips and tricks to cook the perfect festive meal.

You'll step into Sara's kitchen, learn her special recipe, and create a mouth-watering turkey meal. Just follow Sara's instructions, use the right ingredients, and cook the yummiest Thanksgiving turkey ever!

How to Play

In this exciting game, your mouse becomes your kitchen tool. Use it to select items as you go through each cooking step.

Our journey begins with preparing the ingredients. You'll start with the vegetables. Carefully chop onions, celery, parsley, and those tangy green olives. Each piece you cut should be just right – not too big, not too small. After that, it's fruit time! Slice the apple into two, remove the insides, and then dice it up into little pieces.

But what's a Thanksgiving dish without some toast? Get ready to toast some bread. First, you'll need to cut the bread into small pieces. Then, warm up the stove, melt butter in the pan, and add the bread. Remember to keep the heat just right - not too hot or cold! Stir and cook until they're just right.

Stuffing Time

After toasting, it's time to make a tasty stuffing. You'll once again turn on the stove, melt some butter, and mix in the chopped onion and celery. Once they're all dancing together in the pan, add those toasted bread pieces.

Next, toss in some crunchy toasted walnuts, the diced green apple, sweet currants, chopped olives, and fresh parsley. To make the stuffing extra special, pour in some turkey giblets stock, sprinkle a bit of ground sage, and season with salt and pepper.

After giving everything a good mix, turn down the heat, cover the pan, and let the magic happen.

Getting the turkey ready

Now, for the main event: the turkey! Prepare a tray by spreading some butter on it. Place the turkey on this tray and stuff it with the delicious mixture you just made.

To keep everything inside, tie the turkey's legs with a thread. Before putting it in the oven, don't forget to brush it with butter and season with some salt and pepper. Once it's roasted to perfection, place your turkey masterpiece on a table.

To make your turkey look as delightful as it tastes, decorate it! Add green leaves of spinach, sprinkle some currants, and garnish with bright orange pieces.

Wow! Look at what you've made with Sara's help. Doesn't it look tasty? Get ready to impress everyone with your cooking skills. Dive in, have fun, and enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!