Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake

🥕🎂 Join the fun with Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake game! How fast can you learn, bake, decorate, and whip up a yummy carrot cake with Sara?

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Welcome to Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake game! This is a magical game where you get to whip up a scrumptious and healthy carrot cake, even if you think you don't like carrots. Our amazing chef Sara will show you how to turn them into a cake so yummy it might become your favorite dish!

In this fun-filled kitchen adventure, you're the star chef. Your mission? Follow Sara's step-by-step instructions to bake a tasty carrot cake! But that's not all - you'll get to gather all your ingredients and tools, mix everything just right, and even decorate your delicious creation when it's all baked and ready. The best part is the faster you finish, the more points you'll earn!

How to Play

Ready to bake? You only need your mouse to explore the kitchen and find all the required tools and ingredients. This time you'll need a bowl, a cutting board, a knife, a peeler, a food processor, and of course, carrots! Remember, a great chef knows where everything is in their kitchen!

First, we'll need to grate the carrots. Start by placing all your tools on the platform. Then, grab a carrot, peel it, and cut off the top and bottom. Do this for all the carrots, then put them in the food processor. Be careful, it's a bit noisy when you turn it on!

Next, let's make some pineapple crush. We'll need to cut the pineapple just like the carrots. Once it's all cut up, put the pieces in the food processor and grate them into a tasty crush. Yummy!

Now, it's time to prepare our cake mix for baking. First, put flour, cinnamon powder, cloves powder, salt, baking soda, and sugar in a bowl. Mix them well, then add the eggs, vanilla, oil, crushed carrots, pineapple, and ground walnuts. Stir it all up until it's well combined.

There's more you should know!

Once your cake mix is ready, let's move on to prepare the topping cream. Add butter and cheese into a bowl, followed by vanilla, lime juice, and sugar. Then, it's time to blend it up!

Now, let's bake the cake! Open the oven door, place the cake bowl inside, and wait for a while. Once it's done, be careful when you take it out - it's hot!

Finally, it's time to decorate your cake! Cut it in half, spread your delicious cream, add some ground walnuts, then place the other half on top. Repeat the cream and walnut layer, and finish off with some almonds. Don't forget, the more beautiful your cake looks, the more points you get!

And there you have it! With Sara's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake game, you can have lots of fun learning how to bake a tasty carrot cake. Just remember, being quick earns you more points. Happy baking!