Sara's Cooking Class: Mushroom Soup

Play Sara's Cooking Class: Mushroom Soup game for a tasty adventure! Follow Sara's guide, chop, stir, and blend your way to the coziest mushroom soup ever!

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Welcome to another tasty adventure in Sara's Cooking Class: Mushroom Soup game! This time, Sara is going to show you how to create a warm, hearty mushroom soup that's perfect for a chilly evening. If you've ever wondered how to turn a mushroom into a bowl of yummy soup, you're in the right place!

In this fun and educational game, you get to be the chef, and Sara will be your helpful guide. You'll follow Sara's step-by-step instructions to create your own creamy mushroom soup. The faster you cook, the more bonus points you get! But don't worry, you don't need to be a real chef to enjoy this game. Sara has all the tools and ingredients you need to get started!

How to Play

To play this game, all you need is your mouse to chop and mix the ingredients.

First, you'll have to start chopping lots of tasty vegetables like red and green onions and, of course, lots of mushrooms. Use the knife to follow the arrows and make perfect cuts. Once you've chopped everything, you'll put the vegetables in a bowl.

Next, you'll prepare the broth. You'll turn on the cooker and start adding ingredients to the pan: celery, water, salt, and beef bullion. Make sure to give your mix a good stir from time to time with your spoon.

After your broth is ready, it's time to cook the vegetables. You'll turn on the cooker again, add some butter and the chopped onions, and set the fire to medium. Then, add your chopped mushrooms and flour. Lastly, pour in your beef broth, wait for 10 minutes, and add some spices like black pepper and sage.

Finally, you'll use the blender to mash the mix in the pan until it's nice and smooth. Add some sliced mushrooms, wait for another 10 minutes, and then add cream. Give your soup a few more stirs, and voila! Your mushroom soup is ready to be served!

Even if you've never cooked before, Sara will be right there to guide you. So grab your chef's hat, put on your apron, and let's start cooking! Who knows, maybe you'll discover you love cooking just as much as playing!