Sara's Cooking Class: Monkey Cake

🐵🎂 Join Sara's Cooking Class: Monkey Cake game to bake a delightful dessert! Mix ingredients, bake, decorate, and turn your cake into a cute monkey face!

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Welcome to another fun and yummy adventure with Sara's Cooking Class: Monkey Cake game! This time, we're going to learn how to bake a super cool and delicious Monkey Cake that looks just like a cute monkey's face!

Our friend Sara is here to guide us, so don't worry, even if you're new to cooking. We're going to find all the ingredients and tools we need, then mix, bake, and decorate our Monkey Cake step by step. Plus, while we're having fun, we'll be learning how to follow a recipe just like real chefs do!

How to Play

To begin with, you'll only need your mouse to find the right ingredients and tools in the kitchen. The game will show you how to use each tool and tell you exactly what ingredients to mix.

Once everything is ready, you start by making the cake batter. You'll add flour, eggs, water, cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda, salt, and vanilla essence, then blend everything with the mixer.

Next, you get to bake your cake! You'll need to carefully put your cake batter in a round pan and cupcake pan. After adding non-stick spray, place the pans in the preheated oven, then wait for your cake to bake. Remember to be careful around the hot oven!

After baking, it's time to make the yummy frosting. You'll create two types of frosting: yellow and chocolate. The yellow frosting is butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and food coloring, all blended together. The chocolate frosting is a creamy mix of melted chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and milk.

There's more you should know!

Finally comes the best part - decorating our cake to look like a monkey! You'll cut your cake in half and spread chocolate frosting in the middle and all over. The cupcakes will become the monkey's ears, covered with yellow frosting. Add chocolate candies for eyes and use the piping bag to draw a monkey face.

Remember, the quicker you finish your cake, the more bonus points you get!

And voila! Now you have a funny and yummy Monkey Cake! Enjoy your homemade treat, and don't forget to share it with your friends. The more you play, the better you'll get at baking, and soon, you'll be a top chef in Sara's Cooking Class! So put on your chef's hat and start baking!