Wonderland Cake Maker

Try the Wonderland Cake Maker game and join Alice's bakery to create many tasty cakes! Can you follow the recipe and share the result with Alice's friends?

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Gather around, chefs! Do you love baking sweet cakes? If so, the Wonderland Cake Maker game is the right place for you! Enter Alice's Wonderland Bakery and see how many delicious recipes you can discover! Also, Cookie, the trusty recipe book, will guide you at every step, so the task will be a piece of cake!

Alice is excited to see what curious cake creation you will make! Use as many delicious ingredients as possible to be sure the taste will be incredible! Are you ready to show off your baking skills and create some of the tastiest cakes?

How to Play

Baking in Wonderland Bakery has never been easier. The only thing you need to do is to use your mouse to put together the ingredients! Also, every utensil around the kitchen is just as easy to use. Your only concern should be following the recipe as well as you can!

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the mixture for your cake. Grab your bowl and add the milk, flour, and other ingredients provided by Cookie. Then, look around the pantry for fruits and sweets to add. Each one will have special effects, so don't be shy about the quantity! Also, you can choose to cut or blend them if you'd like!

The second step is to bake your cake. After, it's time for decorations! Use as many as you'd like and create the most delicious dessert Amy has ever seen! There is no limit to how good it can look, so don't hold back! Who doesn't love a delicious-looking cake?

There is more you should know!

The last step is to choose one magical ingredient that will bring your cake to life! Each one is special in its way! For example, you can use the Pineapple Upside-down powder to make your creation float upside down or the Dancing Dodo Eggs to make it jiggle! Try them all out to discover all the effects!

Now that your cake is ready, it's time to share it with one of your friends. For example, you can pick to give some to the Cheshire Cat, Princess Rosa, or Alice herself. It's your pick, and you can always make more cakes to share with everyone!

Are you ready to bake some of the most delicious cakes Alice has ever tasted? Meet her and her trusty magical book full of recipes and get cooking! Everyone can't wait to see your creations!