Nat Geo Kids: Mazes

Play the Nat Geo Kids Mazes game to discover pyramids and the large ocean by escaping loads of mazes! Can you grab every treasure on your way to the exit?

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About Nat Geo Kids: Mazes Game

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Do you love the pyramids of Egypt or the great unknown of the ocean? Well, in the Nat Geo Kids Mazes game, you can unravel each one's secrets by going through many fun mazes! However, entering is easy. The hard part comes when you want to get out! Will you escape each stage?

Your role is to take the form of a curious black cat or a lively dolphin and try to clear every maze! Also, you will encounter many discoveries on your journey! For example, precious treasures and uncommon marine species will be a common sight. Do you think you can find them all?

How to Play

After you have chosen your path, it's time to learn how to go around the place. No matter your pick, the controls are the same! Arrows will appear around your character, and you have to click on them to choose where you want to go! You can only make one move at a time, so be patient and pick carefully!

Your goal is to gather as many treasures or fish as possible on your way to the exit! You will be granted a few stars at the end of the run, based on the number of your findings. Also, if you don't get at least one star, you can't proceed to the next level!

Each item is worth one point, but the golden ones are worth two! Also, you will encounter many obstacles on your way! For example, beware of the orcas and snakes as best as possible. Furthermore, you can come across items that might block you, so you will have to find a way around them!

What else you should know

Luckily, you have some aces on your sleeve that might get you out of sticky situations! For example, grab the jellyfish or torches if it gets too dark. At the same time, you can try to relocate by using the whirlpool if you want to get past a big chunk of the maze!

Are you ready to escape all the complicated mazes and grab every treasure in your way? Will you be discreet as a cat or fast as a dolphin? Let's get started and put your problem-solving skills to work!