Swing into Action

Join Spidey and his friends for a rooftop adventure in the Swing into Action game! Find the missing items, defeat the enemies and complete your missions!

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About Swing into Action Game

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There's never a boring day in the city! Spidey, Spin, and Ghost-Spider have all kinds of new missions to solve, and you get to join them in the Swing into Action game. To save the day, your friends have to swing from the rooftops and successfully complete their tasks. Can you help them on their quest around New York?

In this action-packed rooftop adventure, your task is to keep swinging from your webs until you reach your objective. Team up with your buddies, fight the evil foes, collect the missing items, and learn all about teamwork!

Just be careful because there are many obstacles in your way, and you have to overcome them. Will you be able to complete this challenge?

How to Play

It's time to start swinging! To guide Spidey and his friends, you will need to use your keyboard. Tap on the Spacebar to hop over obstacles, or do an even higher leap by pressing the button twice. If you tap on the Z key, you can destroy approaching objects or reunite with your team.

Your favorite superheroes are always busy, so they have all kinds of missions to solve! To learn the basics, you will start by rescuing Bootsie and finding the missing bike and scooter. After that, you'll be ready to choose your own battles!

Will you take on the villains by yourself, or will you gather the team? Depending on the task, you can either play as Spidey or have Spin and Ghost-Spider join you. Each one of the characters has a special ability that will aid you throughout the quest. This way, not only will you complete increasingly difficult missions, but you can also learn all about teamwork!

Are you ready to recall your teammates? If so, you must first fill up your energy bar. Keep using your powers, use your spider web to your advantage, and you will be able to join Spin and Ghost-Spider again. With all three of you combined, no mission will be impossible to solve!

What else you should know

The tasks range from finding missing objects, recovering stolen bags of coins, and fighting Spidey's evil foes. If you're still practicing your skills, it's best to start off with the easier missions. Just avoid running into the boxes and obstacles, and you will soon reach your objective! The less danger you have in front of you, the higher your chance to succeed!

Are you ready to take down villains like Doc Ock and the Green Goblin? If so, gather the squad and begin the battle! Just make sure to stay safe because you only have three chances. Once all of them are used up, you will have to restart your challenge from the beginning.

What are you waiting for? The city never sleeps, and all kinds of missions are awaiting Spidey, Spin, and Ghost-Spider! Join your friends and help them restore peace in New York!