Hiding Places

Get ready for a round of hide-and-seek in the Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places game! Choose a room, look for the baby animals, and find them all to win!

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Do you love to play hide and seek with your friends? If so, join the baby animals and have fun together in the Ready for Preschool: Hiding Places game! Pip and Freddy from T.O.T.S. are ready to be your guides and explain the challenge! Can you find all of your buddies?

This is a classic hide-and-seek game, where you have to check every possible hiding spot in the room. Luckily, the cute animals can't run away from you, so you just have to try every nook and cranny you can think of! 

Once you see some sparkles, that's your sign that you are getting close. Will you be able to explore each area and find your missing friends?

How to Play

Get ready to become the seeker and be swift as a cat! Luckily, you can use your mouse to track every trace of your cute buddies. Click on the arrows to move around the room and tap on the objects to check behind them. The baby animals can't go too far, so you'll surely find them in no time!

Smart kids should have good spatial awareness, and Pip and Freddy are ready to teach you all about it. Just choose a room you want to play in, and prepare to explore the area!

You can check over and under each object or see if anyone is hiding behind the furniture. Search all your surroundings and see how quickly you can find the baby animals!

There is no time limit for this challenge, so you can improve your skills and play as long as needed! Listen to your two guides, because they will let you know who you are looking for.

What else you should know

Three characters will be hiding in each room, and you need to find them all! If you do, you will be the winner of the hide and seek game!

Don't worry if you're having trouble! As you keep playing, your spatial perception will improve, and you will uncover every hiding spot!

Just keep your eyes wide open, and your friends' positions will be revealed in no time! Once you've found them all, you can head to the next room and give the challenge another shot.

Are you ready to begin the mission? The baby animals are great teachers, so play with them and learn all about spatial awareness together!