Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor

Try the Ice Cream Parlor game to sell delicious ice cream to the citizens of Bunnytown. Discover all the flavors and see if you can fulfill every order!

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The Fluffy bunnies of Bunnytown prepared a delicious challenge in the Ice Cream Parlor game! Here you will get to run the town's best ice cream and fulfill all the orders from locals. However, running a shop like this is no easy task, and your attention should be on point if you want everything to turn out perfectly!

Lots of bunnies will visit the ice cream shop every day, and your job is to fulfill their orders so they can have their treat. Don't worry, though! The locals of Bunntown know that this is your first day of work, so they will be patient with you if you run into trouble! Let's put on your apron and start selling some ice cream.

How to Play

Before letting in the customers, you should learn how to run the place! Many bunnies will come in, and you will have to fulfill their order one at a time. So, after you listen to what they want, you only need to use the Left Mouse to scoop the ice cream and put it on the cone. However, some might ask for only one spoon, while others want a more complicated order.

First, you should pay attention to what flavor your customer wants. There are six available. For example, you have Red Cherry Chip, Blue Berry Pie, or Green Lickety Lime. However, you only need to know their color to recognize the right ice cream bucket. Once you spot the right one, you only have to remember how many scoops the customer wanted and fill up the cone! Also, once you finish all the orders, you will win a couple of carrots!

There is enough fun for more than one person! If you have a grown-up around you, you can ask them to play with you in multiplayer mode. Luckily, your job will be unchanged! On the other hand, your play buddy will become the bunny customer, and they will choose how many scoops and what ice cream they want! Doesn't this sound like loads of fun?

Are you ready to go behind the counter and start selling delicious ice cream? Let's get started and see if you can keep up with all the orders!