The Golden Carrots

Help the pirate bunnies find the sunken treasure in The Golden Carrots game. Grab the floating bottles and clear all their tasks to find the shiny carrots!

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About The Golden Carrots Game

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Some of the citizens of Bunnytown put on their pirate costumes and set sail to find a sunken treasure in The Golden Carrots game! However, they must find its location first. Luckily, there are many floating bottles on the sea with hints to help the bunnies find all the hidden precious treats.

There is a problem with this mission, though! They need to grab all the floating bottles in order and complete each one's challenge. However, the flasks have numbers or letters written on them, and the pirates did not learn the alphabet or how to count. Can you join their crew and help them find the treasure?

How to Play

There are two ways to steer the ship. Firstly, you can use your mouse and Left Click the arrows on the steering wheel. The second is to use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard and move in whatever direction you want! Both ways are great, so it just comes down to your preference.

You have two objectives in this mission. After you clear them, you might even win some tasty carrots. The first one is to grab each floating bottle. Be careful, though! They have numbers or letters written on them, so you should pick each in order. So, if your counting or alphabet is not on point, this is the perfect chance to practice!

Every bottle will have a challenge for you before you can leave to grab the next one! There will be two pictures, and your job is to click on the one resembling the position written around them! For example, if you see the word Right, you should click on the picture on the right side, and so on.

Are you ready to join the bunny pirate crew and start your search for the Golden Carrots? Let's put on your pirate costume and set sail!