Sing a Bunny Song

Join Super Bunny, King Fluffy, and the others to create groovy melodies in the Sing a Bunny Song game. Try all the musical notes and develop a catchy tune!

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The people of Bunnytown gathered at the local school for a music lesson in the Sing a Bunny Song game! Super Bunny, King Fluffy, Little Bad Bunny, and many others are waiting to show off their musical talent. However, they need a conductor, so their vocals will be on point, and you might be the right fit!

Your job is to use everyone's talents to create beautiful songs. Also, you can let the bunnies sing some melodies from their repertoire. Do you think your artistic skills are enough for this musical journey? If so, let's enter the class and start the music!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to navigate your options and have the bunnies start singing. Each group member will sing a musical note, and you can hover your baton over them to hear what they've got! Also, you can press on them to lay the notes on the music chart and create a melody.

Don't worry if you don't have any inspiration at first. Creating music is no easy task, so the bunnies prepared some melodies for you:

 - Ode To Joy;

 - Water Weel;

 - This Old Man;

 - Playtime;

You can listen to each one at a time until you get some ideas for your song. When you're ready to start creating, you only have to press the Make a Song button to clear the notes of the latest melody.

There are no mistakes in art, so don't be afraid to experiment until you come up with the best creation. Also, once you have your song, you can play it slow or fast. Doing this will influence how your melody sounds tremendously, so pick carefully!

Are you ready to start creating catchy songs alongside the citizens of Bunnytown? If so, let's hurry up to join everyone and start playing some music!