Bunnytown Games

Try the Bunnytown games for new adventures with a host of funny and colorful rabbit puppets! You'll sing, dance, learn a lot, and have a ton of fun!

Welcome to the world of bunnies!

Any young kid is bound to love the Bunnytown games at first sight! Every element of this Playhouse Disney series has been custom-made to amuse and appeal to any preschool kid.

The only season of the show, broadcast in 2007, has been rerun many times since. Why is that? David Rudman and his team have invested plenty of creativity and hard work to bring the bunny characters to life. And it turned out that their hard work paid off! All the fans, young and old, can't have enough of the silly bunnies and their adventures!

What makes this show stand out is the fact that its entire cast consists of puppets. Look closely at each one of them! There are many charming little details in their bodies, clothing, and accessories. Compared to another famous puppet show, Muppets, the Bunnytown characters are smaller. However, this allows them to be much more complex!

As the name suggests, Bunnytown is a bustling settlement filled with cheerful bunnies who are always up for some fun! Sometimes, they even visit the humans from Peopletown, their neighbors, and spy on them for fun!

Besides good-looking characters, the show also has fascinating sets. Now you get to travel around Bunnytown and see them with your own eyes! You'll visit the houses and gardens of the town's inhabitants, the Bunny Hop club, or the Ice Cream parlor. Besides these ordinary places, you'll also visit outer space, a king's castle, or even the Great Wall of China!

All the sets are true works of art that you can't miss! The wonderfully written music and humor complete this variety show for pre-schoolers. Join in, and you'll have a blast!

Meet the Bunnytown characters!

After just a few moments in Bunnytown, you'll notice that you already know all the characters. That's because all of them are famous icons in kid's movies, like King Bunny and his court, heroes and villains, fairytale characters, and many more. Therefore, depending on your preference, it's up to you to decide whose company you'd prefer!

If you're a fan of action movies and enjoy watching characters using impressive superpowers, follow the story of Super Bunny! His fights with the Little Bad Bunny, his nemesis, will surely impress you! The former is a local hero, while the latter uses magic and inventions to steal carrots. Who will win in the end? There's only one way to find out!

On the other hand, if you'd rather go for adventures among the waves, the bunnies will wish you 'Ahoy, matey!'. Captain Dan and his crew are waiting for you to board their pirate ship. You can recognize him by the orange color and black corsair hat. You can give him and his crew of sea bunnies a helping hand in his quest to find the golden carrot!

Even if there are plenty of fun bunnies to meet, you shouldn't forget about humans! As you know, the bunnies amuse themselves by spying on the inhabitants of Peopletown. Out of all the citizens, no one makes them laugh like the iconic duo, Red and Fred! The slapstick duo consists of a plump ginger and a thin black-haired man. Their antics are so hilarious that they'll make you and the rabbits roll on the floor laughing! Just make sure they don't hear your giggles!

Sing, dance, and learn with Bunnytown games!

From the moment you enter the universe of bunny puppets, you'll have little time to get bored! All the colorful characters will invite you to join them for many adventures and activities. There's so much to do! Besides the bunnies' silliness and outgoing personalities, each activity will help you learn something new. Aren't you excited to try them out?

As you know, plenty of adventures await in this puppet town! From journeys to a different planet populated by aliens to medieval epic tales, there's something for everybody. Besides the fun and adrenaline they'll provide, each one will help you learn or practice an age-appropriate skill. For instance, you can rehearse the alphabet and numbers while traveling with the pirates. Try it out in The Golden Carrots game!

Almost everybody is a talented performer in Bunnytown! Some play instruments, while others use their voices. There are also plenty of dancing rabbits who can't wait to bust a move on a fun tune! If you're also a passionate musician, join them in one of the musical activities! For example, you can become a composer and conductor for the bunny choir in the Sing a Bunny Song game!

Even day-to-day activities are fun and educational in the world of bunnies. With enough creativity, you can turn anything from a tedious chore into a thrilling game. The bunnies will help you find that spark! Whether you love or hate bathtime, you'll surely enjoy learning about shapes and colors in the Bathtub Bunny's Bubble Bath game

These are just a few activities you can enjoy in the Bunnytown games! Surrounded by many colorful hopping friends, you'll have fun while learning and growing your skills!

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