The Lion Guard Games

Discover the mysteries of the savannah with The Lion Guard Games! Learn about honor, acceptance, and teamwork in the company of a brave lion called Kion!

Explore the savannah!

Embark on a journey that will take you deep into the wilderness with The Lion Guard Games! More precisely, you'll discover the Pride Lands, ruled by King Simba and Queen Nala. However, the two royal family members aren't humans - they're lions.

Chances are that you might recognize them from the famous Lion King movie. It was focused on Simba's journey of revenging his father and earning the right to lead all the animals in Pride Land. However, this time, you can follow a new generation of the royal family. What an honor!

The 2016 Disney Junior series keeps the main element that made the 1994 Lion King a great success. Isn't it fascinating to watch so many species of animals? Besides, each one has a unique personality! They all live together and respect the Circle of Life, a cycle of vitality and death that never stops.

To ensure that the sacred principle is respected, the creatures in the savannah need strong leaders. It's where the royal family of lions comes in!

What makes this new series stand out from the original movies is its message of inclusivity! King Simba and Queen Nala ask their son, Kion, to assemble a guard made out of lions to help him keep the peace in the Pride Lands. However, Kion has decided to break tradition. He has decided to team up with a cheetah, a hippo, an egret, and a badger. Will they be able to work together, defying all odds? There is only one way to find out!

Meet the dream team!

Let's start with the leader, the mighty Kion! Despite starting as a rebellious, playful, and carefree cub, his adventures turn him into a fierce lion prepared to take on the Lion Guard's chief role. As the second born, he has inherited the Roar of the Elders, an epic move that channels the strength of his ancestors. How impressive!

Being the firstborn, Kiara is bound to inherit the throne and become the Queen of the Pride Lands. Like her younger brother, she used to be a stubborn and naughty cub. However, in time, she develops into a brave and empathetic. Let's hope her reign will be a success!

Bunga is Kion's best friend, even if it seems strange for a lion and a honey badger to have such a strong bond. Nevertheless, his fearlessness, courage, and sense of adventure make him a good match for our hero. At times he is reckless, but the other team members stop him from making too many mistakes!

If you blink, you might miss Fuli! That's because the cheetah is fast as lightning. Besides, she's tough as nails and never puts up with nonsense. Surely, her arrogance and sarcasm can be biting, and she's impatient. However, it doesn't stop her from being Kion's second in command.

Every group needs a brain, and Ono is that for the Lion Guard. The egret is a true intellectual who generally dislikes violence. Nonetheless, that doesn't hold him back when the lives of his friends are in danger!

In some ways, Beshte is the opposite of Ono. The happy hippo seems to see the bright side in everybody. What is more, his enormous strength is an invaluable asset to the team. Don't mind his emotions, which are as big as his physique!

Learn about teamwork with The Lion Guard Games!

Aren't you excited to head out on adventures with all these intriguing characters? If you explore the savannah alongside them, you'll discover the wonders of the wilderness. Nevertheless, dangers lurk around every corner, waiting to surprise you. The only way to surpass these obstacles is through teamwork!

Before you can put together your dream team, you should sharpen your skills. You should be on top of your game every moment to keep your teammates safe and motivated!

Sure, you'll have to be agile and energetic. However, some would argue that intelligence is the most valuable skill that you'll always need to devise a strategy. Following this idea, you can get a ton of practice with activities like The Lion Guard: To The Rescue game!

Next, you should start looking for the perfect teammates! Granted, this won't be easy, especially when you look for them in the great savannah. However, with agility and determination, you'll find your way through all the different habitats in the Pride Lands. It's a thrill to explore in the company of Kion in games like The Lion Guard: Assemble game!

Once you have found all the mates, you might think your job is finished. That's far from true! What is most important is understanding the outlook of all your pals and caring for them. Any good leader has to be aware of their strengths and understand their weaknesses! Can you put yourself in their shoes? Play the Protectors of the Pridelands game to feel what it's like to be a hippo, an egret, a badger, or a cheetah!

Lastly, you can become part of a story of honor, friendship, and wild adventures with The Lion Guard Games! Besides having a ton of fun, you'll also learn important lessons about strength, acceptance, and the value of friendship. Stop hesitating and join them in the savannah!

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